Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Just Want This Lesson Ends After All

Supa dupa boring lesson
supa dupa unimportant explanation
supa dupa embarassing judgement

have tried to be excited,
have tried to get involved,
have tried to look 'chibi2',

but dafuq?!
This Mr. AWays-perfect doesn't seem to hear my enchanting voice
OR pretending like i wasn't in front of his magnificent four eyes?
seems like he hates me, doesn't he?
altough nobody couldn't help themselves not to love me
well, I hate him more...
I know, I know,
I'm just too genius to be in this class,
( I need to be true, right? at least to my own self. )

But I'm just trying to be humble
Ahh~ please somebody take me out!!
or at least, put the headset on my ears,
play those Abdul and The Coffee Theory song lists,
and serve the relaxing cup of coffee.

One more!
a good athletic guy, without moustache, please?

Ckkk, what am I talkin' about?
I just want this lesson ends after all.

Salatiga, UKSW, F Building, F207 room,
November 12, 2012
03.33 p.m.


It's blue.
I wanna screw.
Because all these things that blew,
outta my mind, it's you.

Still blue.
Yeah, I'm still black and blue.
When thinking about you,
after all we've been through.

it's all blue.
Gloomy and dark.
Stand still, stay still,
yeah, blue.

and for you,
you may leave my blue.

Salatiga, Satya Wacana Christian University, F Building, Room F208 Room
02.40 p.m.

The Handsome Lips

Naughty, stubborn, eats like a pig.
but, on the other side : sweet. 
Too sweet, sometimes.
what? I love my cup of coffee with much sugar, though.

The youngest among the other two musketeers.
The most handsome one,
Well, at least, according to my naked vision.

The most potential heart-attacker,
and a competent heart-breaker, that I know.
this moody little boy with bad temperature that makes me 
willing to do anything, to give the sweetest smile back to his lips.

The cutest lips,
one of my favorite part of him that most often I miss.

Childish, and easily get mad, annoying in most of the time,
I love you anyway, my Nathanael,
so true, and forever.

Salatiga, Satya Wacana Christian University, F Building, Room F208 Room
03.00 p.m.