Kamis, 17 April 2014

Dupes for MAC Lovelorn

Hi girls, it's been a century since I never write anymore related to beauty and makeup things...
Recently, I write poems often...
what? Am I going to be like Shakespeare?
No! hahaha... I only want to be like Emily Dickinson, haha.. 
no, I'm kidding...

anyway back to the topic, as I like poems, I do love love love lipsticks!
I feel like I have a passionate to lipsticks more than any other make up stuffs...

one of my favorite lipstick is MAC Lovelorn,
a very beautiful pink with blue undertone, which suits for everyday look
not too bright, but not too soft like nude or pink brownish color...

it leaves a glossy finish, but not overly glossy, which give me the natural-but-fresh looking...

one of the most important thing, it doesn't make my lips dry...

so, this lipstick looks very perfect, but what makes it bad? NOTHING I must tell you,
but for some reason, the price of MAC lipsticks is too pricey!
they are not lipsticks that you can buy everyday, or you can have all the shades,
it costs 240.000 rupiahs in Indonesia, which about more or less 20 bucks...

so, this is not everyone's lipstick,
not everyone, have budgets, or wants to spend 20 bucks only for lipstick...

but, relax... calm down...
I have the alternative for this pretty summer pink lipstick,
hey Indonesian girls, be happy be proud, because one of the dupe I mention here is from Sariayu

so let's check it out!

the one which is in the middle, 
it is Topshop with shade in Innocent, 
and beside it, Sariayu with shade in Denting kecapi 01

without a further do, let's go on the swatches

can you even spot the different?
let's see how they work with flash

I must say that the color of the three of them are incredibly similar,
whatever you call it, a bubblegum pink or barbie pink?

if you put them on lips, you will not spot the differences...

But the truth is I wanna tell you that there are differences
but minor ones...

The color pay off - Mac Lovelorn, is the most sheer of all, the most glossy one, 
and Sariayu is the less-glossy one, the one which has the most intense color
and Topshop is somewhere in the middle between the two...

The packaging - Sariayu is the most bulky one, whether MAC is like a bullet I think,
and a bit heavy... my favorite is the Topshop, so cute and simple...

The fragrance - both MAC and Sariayu contains fragrance, which it might be annoying
for some people, but I think the fragrance is not horrible or disturbing, I kinda like it :)
Topshop is fragrance-free... 

now come into the important thing,

the price of the Topshop lipstick is about 150.000 rupiahs,
if I'm not mistaken so it is around $15 
wether Sariayu is only cost 30.000 - 35.000 rupiahs,
so it is around $3, depends on which store you buy

so, can you go wrong with $3 lipstick?? no, NEVER.
and the shades of Sariayu lipsticks are incredibly pretty 

Jumat, 28 Februari 2014

My shelter

Heaven in earth, supposed to be,
O’ so faraway, not even close, not even there.
More likely hell.

Ego’s everywhere.

Minggu, 16 Februari 2014

Make Up Collaboration : 2NE1 All or Nothing CL Inspired Look

hei pweetttyyyy... so loonngg time no see ><
It's been a years since I didn't write anything on blog, eh?
and today I'm gonna bring you my first makeup collaboration!

It's inspired by 2NE1 with their new album : All or Nothing
it's something 'outrageous' for me to have this collaboration,
- because I do this collab with 3 famous blogger la! 
who doesn't know Via, Rini Cesillia, and Ce Bebe?
they are not only famous but are also so good at makeup,
i feel a bit down at first, but I really wanna do this! so I take the chance.. 

- because I like CL the most and I get the chance to do her makeup inspiration,
eventhough, it's hard because I found none of her picture taken from the front.. -.-

check my fellas blog to see their look, they're really awesome!!!
just simply click the link 

Me as CL

So here is how I tried to re-create CL's look
CL is never failed with her cat eye look, I guess cat eye just doesn't suit my eyes ><
it makes me look fierce, doesn't it?
her eye makeup is just a gradation of orange and sea green,
peach cheek, and pale peach lips...

what guhhhreaaaatttt is that fortunately I have had all that it needs to create this look , yey!

don't you realize that my clothes is actually just a piece of fabric? hihi

firstly I plan to buy a bang clip, but I ended up not buying it because I don't have time , hiks

so here's the final look
what do you think?
please leave some comments :)

oh here below are the products I used :)

eyes :
sleek i-candy palette
LT PRO eyeshadow palette matte
wet n wild - comfort zone
Urban Decay primer potion - greed
pixy liquid eyeliner

face :
Rimmel wake me up foundation
MAC studio fix - NC 25

cheek :
Illamasqua cream blush - rude

lips : 
wet n wild - just peachy

I hope you enjoy this look, bye!
thanks for droppin' by ....

Selasa, 17 September 2013

Review Mizzu Eyeliner Perfect Wear

Lately I realized, how LAZY I am for have not blogged since centuries?? maybe...
I don't know, just it has been long time ago, i think...
So girls, I'm back with a review of an eyeliner...
I'm typical of an eyeliner girl, it DOES a big difference in my face...
such a long name, huh?

it is made in Indonesia actually, and yes, CHEAP!
shall we start?

So, I have been mentioning that this eyeliner is cheap, well the price is actually various,
depends on where you'll get it, but online shop's price is commonly from 20.000 idr - 55.000 idr..
so it's about $1.5 - $5 or something...
I got mine in a local store near my campus, it costs me only 19.800 idr yey lol

the ingredients, just zoom it in so you can read the details 

it comes with a plastic box with black color, and it is mentioned that "it takes 30 second to dry for Maximum Waterproof Effect" wow, what kind of effect? @@

the eyeliner itself is a marker-alike, and comes with a felt-tip, so you can draw thin line or cat eyes, precisely. I like the simple packaging though.

now, to the swatch!

sadly the black color is not the intense black that I expected.
it's kinda sheer, and I must re-apply 4-5 layers till I get the 'intense black' that I want...
but, still with that amount of price, it's a bargain!

it's also SMUDGEPROOF, because when I rub my hand,
my hand-written 'mizzu' is still there, and does not smudge, at all, really!
for a $1,5 eyeliner? WOHOO!!!

it does not WATERPROOF though,
once I swipe with a wet tissue, it's gone, completely..

but I personally don't care whether it is waterproof or not,
the thing is it is smudgeproof, yey finally found a cheap smudgeproof eyeliner...

it glides smoooooothly on my eyelid....

what I love?
felt-tip pen style
easy to apply
easy to remove

what I don't really like?
the black is not really intense

Rabu, 10 Juli 2013



Ini adalah hal yang terus ada dalam diriku,
beberapa hari ini, beberapa bulan, bahkan hampir setahun ini . . .

Apakah bingung yang terus membuat diri bak orang ling-lung, tidak tahu harus berbuat apa? Apakah bingung yang menjadikan diri buntung, hingga tak bisa melakukan apa-apa? Bukan... bukan kebingungan macam itu!!

Ini adalah kebingungan yang membuatku terus mencari . . .
Mencari makna dari tatanan ilahi
Mencari nilai dari peran dan tujuan diri
Mencari seuatu yang pasti

Ini adalah kebingungan yang membuatku terus belajar . . .
Belajar dari Guru Agung yang paling terpelajar
Belajar supaya diri tidak hanya bisa berujar
Belajar supaya hidup makin benar

Biarlah bingung membuat diri mau merenung
Biarlah bingung membuat diri semakin bergantung
Bergantung kepada Sang Pribadi Agung

Ah, . . . ini mungkin saja hanya teologi bingung yang sedang membingungkan diri sendiri. Namun setidaknya ini menuntun diri ini menjadi pencari dan pembelajar sejati. ‪#‎ngarepbgt‬

Selamat bingung!
Supaya ada waktu merenung . . .
 Hingga kita bisa penuh bergantung . . . 
Kepada Sang Pribadi Agung . . .
Written By : Natanael Dbj Pratama

Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

IBB makeup challenge : Dull to DOLL

Hey dolls!
here my post today is about makeup challenge that is held by Indonesian Beauty Blogger
with theme : dull to DOLL

I'm so excited to do this makeup transformation
since, today is the last day of the submission :D

yes sometimes (or most of the time) I am kinda last second person

never mind, let's take a look my version of this challenge, shall we?


my version of dull is an old porcellain doll,
which is not pretty, pale face and lips, sad eyes, messy hair
and cracked in some parts of her face

look how sad her face! 

with the help of magic spells and makeup,

here's she is transformed to a pretty porcelain doll :)

what do you think is her transformation?
wish me luck, dolls ^^

please leave some love for her,
she does love comments :D

Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

Makeup Challenge : Wing n' Wink !

Hey cat lovers,
this is just a short post about makeup challenge 
with the theme Wing n' Wink
which is hosted by Endi Feng and Josephine

simply click their name to go straight forward to their blogs :)

I'm really excited about this makeup challenge,
because I love cat eyes style

but I never did my self potrait : winking -_-
I don't know
I feel weird when I did that,

anyway here's how I look ^^

Because for this challenge, winking is A MUST,
so I tried hard to do it
hopefully make a good one

To draw the wings,
I'm using Silky girl gel eyeliner in black,
it has a good brush that help me a lot to draw the perfect cat eyes precisely 
they ask the participants to polish their nails
with vivid color

I applied my Etude House HD beam nail polish GR601
which is a vibrant tosca green! 

I choose this color to match my underline which has similar color,
I'm using Silky girl fun eyelights pencil in 11 electric blue

not bad, eh?

hahahaha :D
have you done your submission?

it will be closed on May, 10th!

Wish you all (and of course myself) a good LUCK ^^

in case you wanna see other participants and how they look like,
just log in your twitter and search with hashtag

they all have done a greattt job !