Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Bluey Piggy Nail Art

Piggy lovers... how ya doin'?
cute pig is always identic with "pink color" right..?
but now i wanna make something different...

so i was thinking about making A BLUE PIG..
a blue pig?
how does it looks like? 

so let's find this out ! ^^

i made this for my friend, Kezia...
she loves blue color and cute stuffs...
so i guess this BLUEY PIGGY suits to her nail ;)

i also added initial "K" on her thumb nail 

The pig is very easy to shape... :)
do you think so?
you can try 

if you find it difficult just ask me and i'll make the tutorial :)
if you could do this by yourself, 
that's great!
you can show me and i would love to see ^^

and ofcourse for the polkadots are way too easy, right?
hehehe :D

so that's all about this post...
basically, i just wanna share the "idea" this time,
not the tutorial...

but once again, if you find it difficult don't hesitate to ask me for the tutorial..
i'm so happy to help you... ^^

after all, do you like this Bluey Piggy nail art?
let me know :)
please do leave comments 

Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

My hair "BACK at BLACK" FOTD

 hi girls....^^
another post 'bout my FOTD....
o yeah!
i coloured my hair BACK at BLACK :)

what do you think?
do you think black hair more suit to me?

i used to be a girl with a 'mocha' hair coloured....
but i feel kinda boring...

i need something  refreshing and hell yea..
i choose black to be my hair color now :)

i think my face looks brighter than before and i really like it :P

what do you think about my black hair?
do i look better in black?
let me know :3

Senin, 23 Juli 2012

Review : MISSHA - The Style Glam Fit Gloss PK 01

Hi Pinkylovers all over the world... :)
today i'm gonna review about a lipgloss from a korean brand, MISSHA
this is The Style Glam Fit Gloss in shade PK 01
pink colors... :)

the packaging is simple 

with the applicator like old style lip gloss...
but i actually like this kind of packaging rather than the tube one... :)

swatch on my lips : 

so what i like about this lip gloss?
the color is pretty and soft
doesn't feel sticky
smells good
taste good :p haha
pretty long lasting
not too expensive arround $6.5 
the shimmer is NOT TOO MUCH
which i love :)

i have a big lips and i don't like lip gloss that too much shimmering, glowing, and glossying..
hahahaha :D

this lip gloss is worth to try for you who has big lips like me :)

will i repurchase?

50% yes 50% no
i still like to try another brand of product :)

so what do you think?
do you think the color is pretty?
do you think it's suited to my lips?

let me know :)

no make up FOTD :p

hi girls...
today was a very tiring day...
so i guess i just wanna post my Face of the day...
no need too much talk...

what do you think?
i hope you like my new outfit...
even in the photos not very clear.. :D
hahaha :D

Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

Lioele Make Up Class Semarang + FOTD

Hi girliesss....^^

so today i'm excitingly share to you all about Lioele Make Up Class 
that held in my hometown, Semarang
it's located in El Blossom Cafe
jl. Kyai Saleh no. 3 Semarang

wanna know more?
check this out :D

my picture, holding Lioele's Brochure^^

and below these are the cosmetics products from Lioele Korean Cosmetics
i'm lucky to come early and could take some pictures of these... :3

powder, mask, false lashies, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lip pop tint, cheek cream blushers, etc

eye lip remover, eyeliner gel, hand cream, sleeping packs, body scrub, man bb cream....

mask, dr. ampoule, serum, cleansing foam, cleansing products...

nail polishes!!!

serum, lip glosses, concealer, powder, peeling gel, etc

eye cream, dark circle cream, shower gel, serum, etc

and the seminar was start for about 10.20 am
the MC explained about the history of the Lioele Company

So basicly Lioele is a Korean Makeup and skin care brand
it's from words : LIfe Of ELegan Ease
shorten by LIOELE

based on the 3 purposes :
that's why the logo, the products packaging ALMOST all PINK
Dollish look
Lioele products will help girls to get a dollish and flawless skin look
Beauty Remedy
not only makeup beauty, Lioele skin care also provides skincare products 
which can protect your skin from UV

Lioele promises that they will help you to look beauty by your own way...
help you to shine your personal beauty....

hahaha... so sweet :3

The meaning of Lioele Logo
the magic pumpkin shape remind us of Cinderella, right?

so it's inspired Lioele how an ordinary girl like Cinderella can be turn to a 
very beautiful lady 
and Lioele will help all girls in order to be like Cinderella...

that's why Lioele in USA named "CINDERELLA"

the make up class begun and this is the model....
a 35 year old lady...
she used an oxygen peeling 

she felt very refresh after use that peeling

 and this is my friend, Caroline
she was asked as a young model to present a Dollish look

she is so lucky >.<

and here is the result...
she looks Dollish, don't you think?
i really like the eye make up...

 I also met Sheilla....
she is also member of Indonesian Beauty Blogger :)
she told me some recommended products from Lioele.....
she is very friendly...
i was very glad, i met her... :)

narsis before going home.. :P

so far I enjoy the make up class...
but actually it was a bit boring... :P

hahahaha :D
what do you think about my appearance today?
Happy saturday, girls...
 have fun... ^^

Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

Favorite Fashion of the year : Pink Vintage

hola, my sweet ribbons... ^^
it has been a long time that i haven't write about fashion stuffs..
so i back with something about fashion to share to you girls...
here, i wanna share about my favorite style of the year...

i have to say that this year is when i started being 'girly'
i started to wear dress instead of jeans
wear high heels instead of sandals
wear cardigans instead of jackets
wear a handbag instead of backpack :D

so here i wanna share you my choice of style
yes, this year my heart is falling for 'classy vintage style'
something that so close to : ribbon, lace, pastel colors, floral patterns, rose etc....

so let's move on to the pictures below....

floral pattern dress 
i really like to wear dress with floral pattern rather than other pattern like polkadots, square, plain, because i think it's so cute and vintage

knitted cardigans
cardigans is never ending fashion style for me, especially the knitted one
for me, they're comfortable to wear yet it's very girly
this is a must have items !

whatever the sizes are, i always love ribbon
they're always make my hair, clothes, handbag, shoes look cute!

vintage necklace
for the accesories, necklace is a must!
and for me, it should be 'simple'

semi ankle boots
i'd love this kind of shoes this lately
well i dunno the reasons,
it's just i like it.... ^^

i love bag when it's 'not simple'
so for me, a handbag which it's cute, girly, and unordinary...
will definitely buy! haha :D

simple rose earings
the other accesories that i also like is earrings
again, it must be simple...
i don't like "long earings"

another thing is : PINK
i always love pink BETTER than other colors
i've written on my older post that pink is like a trademark for me...^^

so what do you think about my fashion style?
how is your fashion style girls?
let me know yours...^^

hope you have a great day....

pictures sources : google
edited by me 

Senin, 16 Juli 2012

The Amazing Spiderman Make Up Tutorial

hey girls!
have you been watching the Amazing Spiderman on the movie??
me? not yet.. T____T
I wish that someone ask me to go....

okay.. back to the Amazing Spiderman, 
since this movie becomes so popular this lately, and as i heard that
people must wait for an hours to get the ticket,
i'm thinking that this movie must be so interesting...^^

so based on the movie, i would like to play a lil bit with make up!

warning :
i'm still very very beginner... 
so this make up tutorial must be not perfect yet...
i know it's still not neat...
but i'll try my best... ^^
so enjoy this tutorial.......

here i present :


first, apply red eyeshadow on your eyelids

the next step is apply blue eyeshadow on your lower eyebrows like this

next, draw a spider net on your eyelids,
it's nesescary whether you wanna draw it for both or only one side of your eyes...
but i prefer one side only...

draw a little spider near to your another side of your eye....

there you are...
almost finish...!!!

 but don't forget eyelashes!!!

i choose the one that looks like a 'spider net'...
hahaha :D

# yea yea i know.. the 'spider net' is not neat at all... T__T

anyway, i hope that you enjoy this tutorial...
for me, this tutorial is just for fun...^^
i am very welcome for all critics and suggestions and comments....
please do leave comments...^^

last, i hope someday i have a sweet love story like Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy... eh?
hahaha :D