Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Max Factor Haul

This following week, i spend my money much more than before..
but for this Max Factor Haul, i can not refuse it..
because there is a PROMO in Matahari
buy 1 get 1 free for all eye products
really??? yes!
and what I've bought?
well, let see...

1. Duo eyeshadow
2. liquid eyeliner
3. color precision eyeshadow
4. kohl pencil liner

take a closer look 

all of those stuffs, i only spend Rp 149.500 
or about $15

I will do the review soon, girls
thanks for reading ^^

Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Local Products Haul

Hei girls... this afternoon, after i read some articles and review from some beauty bloggers in Indonesia, i just simply ride my car and go to the nearest cosmetics store...

and here are what i got...
Wardah Olive Soft Scrub
Pixy blush on (orange salmon )
Pixy eye shadow ( romantic poem )
Wardah lip palette (peachy pink) 

for Wardah lip palette,
i have read some reviews about it and really want to give it a try...
and it's very amazing...
i love this lip palette...
read the review here

Pixy eyeshadow ( romantic poem )
i fall in love when i try the sample and swatched it on my hand...
it's very beautiful colors...
will do the review soon...

Pixy blush on ( orange salmon )
i really want to try an orange blush on...
so i definitely fall in love with this!
will do the review soon...

also there are so many review about this Wardah olive scrub...
i don't want to pass it...
so, will do the review soon...!

so girls, have you try all things that i bought??
what do you think??

Review : Wardah Lip Palette

I am now easily fall in love with a lip colors... and recently looked for a good lip colors...
and finally i decided to buy from a local product... and for those of you who lives  outside Indonesia, you might don't know this brand, but actually they're famous in Indonesia, good product with affordable price? who can refuse? hahaha...

so back to the topic...
yes, it's Wardah Lip Palette...
Wardah has 3 different kinds of lip palette,
they are, Perfect Red , Pinky Peach , and Choco Aholic 

i bought "Pinky Peach" for me, since I love natural look...

and this is the picture of this gorgeous lip palette...
 and here is mine...

1. red coral
2. orange peachy
3. brown beige
4. chestnut
5. nude 
6. pink coral
7. hot pink
8. dark fuchsia

 according to me this lip palette is A-MUST-HAVE for you who love lip products!!!
i myself definitely loooveeee this so much...

what i love?

comes with 8 colors
the colors are very pretty and pigmented
last long
the lip brush is also OK
has a big mirror inside
very affordable, for only Rp 44.000 or about $4
the packaging is simple and chic

what i hate?

 the packaging

the swatches with flash

the swatches without flash

so, do you think you will buy one for yourself? 
let me know... :p

Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Symptoms of him : I'm just a woman fall in love

when i drive on my car, now i currently listen to Olivia Ong's songs...
they're so beautiful but one of them really2 descript my feeling about him...
the title is : Fall in love ( koini ochite)
it's originally sang by akiko kobayashi...

this is the lyrics :
Moshimo negai ga kanau naraToiki wo shiroi bara ni kaeteAenai hi ni wa heyajuu ni kazarimashouanata wo omoi nagara
Darling, I want you aitakuteTokimeku koi ni kakedashi sou na noMaigo no you ni tachisukumuWatashi wo sugu ni todoketakute
Daiyaru mawashite te wo tometaI'm just womanFall in love
If my wishes can be trueWill you change my sighsTo roses, whiter rosesDecorate them for youThinkin' 'bout you every nightAnd find out where I amI am not livin' in your heart
Darling, I need you dou shite moKuchi ni dasenai negai ga aru no yoDoyou no yoru to nichiyou noAnata ga itsumo hoshii kara
Daiyaru mawashite te wo tometaI'm just womanFall in love
Darling, you love me ima sugu niAnata no koe ga kikitaku naru no yoRiyote de hoho wo osaete moTohou ni kureru yoru ga kirai
Daiyaru mawashite te wo tometaI'm just a womanFall in love
Don't you rememberWhen you were hereWithout a thinkingWe were caught in fireI've got a love songBut where it goesThree loving hearts arePullin' apart of one
Can't stop you, can't hold you, can't wait no moreI'm just womanFall in loveI'm just womanFall in love

and this is the translations :
If my wishes can come true,
Please turn my sighs into white roses
Decorate them around the room on a tragic day
While thinking about you

Darling, I want you.
I want to see you again.
Just like the flutterings of first love,
I'm petrified like a lost child
I want you here now.
I kept dialing your number when I stopped myself in confusion
I'm just a woman fall in love

If my wishes can be true,
will you change my sighs
to roses, whiter roses?
Decorate them for you
Thinking 'bout you every night
And find out where I am
I am not livin' in your heart

Darling I need you,
I really do.
I have a wish, but I can't say it out loud
on a Saturday night and Sunday too.
Because I'm always wanting you
I kept dialing your number, when I stopped myself.
I'm just a woman fall in love.

Darling, you love me. And since then,
Your voice has been echoing in my mind
Although I hold my cheeks with both hands, trying to calm down,
I hate it when the night comes to an end...
I kept dialing your number, then I stopped myself.
I'm just a woman fall in love.
I'm just a woman fall in love..

Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Photo shoots with Felix

Hi girls... what comes out of your mind if you think about 'summer'?

I myself thinking about summer breeze... 
and summer breeze reminds me of beach... :D

so here we go to the nearest beach in my house, Marina Beach
to do some photo shoots with my friend, Felix
he is a photographer...

he asked me and my friend, Sisca to become his models...
and we're all so excited...
and here are some of our photos...

 it's so hard to reach the hills... :P
but we've made it.. yay!

Sisca looks so beautiful here :)

So what do you think girls, about our photos?
hehehe :D
Felix is done a great photo shoots right??
for those of you who located in Semarang
and wants him to take photos,
you can contact him here
don't forget to mention : Gita
who knows, he will generously give a discount :P

do you love our outfits? 
do you love beach?
i really love to hear summer breeze voice...
it's so calming my mood...

Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Last Thursday Haul

Hey girls...

Last thursday, i was going arround from the morning till midnight,
so i didn't have times to check my blog :(

so now i'm gonna share to you all, what have i bought yesterday...

here's two packages...
from Matahari dept. store and GOSH...
are you girls wondering what i bought? :P
just let's check this out!

the first one is from GOSH italy...
and yup! it's a pair of footwear...
but what is it??

yeey.. a pair of High heels!!!
i'm so in love with the style, pattern, color, everything!
i think, it's so edgy and casual...

it will be very pretty to match with my dress or my other outfit...
i'm so into vintage and casual now.. :)

and this is what i bought from Matahari...
a cardigan!

the brand name is MEGUMI...
for me,
this cardigan is sooooo pretttyyyy!!!
love it love it love it <3
it's knitted and white...
i've told you that i love knitted cardigan right?
and i have not the white color yet, 
now i have one, and cute.. :3

I hope you like this haul :p

Happy Ascension Day of Jesus Christ
for those of you who celebrate it...
God Bless...

Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Beauty sale : Preloved BB cream missha M perfect cover no.23

hi girls...
i wanna sell one of my favorite bb cream...

condition : 85%
still big ammount left

100% the authentic one... ( no fake )

to be honest i love this bb cream so much... see my review here 
but i have to use the doctor's cream, which i'm not allowed to use any other cream :(
so i can not use bb cream this following days...
so please, take this poor bb cream.. :(
kasian kalo ga ada yg pakai.. 

i wanna sell it 150.000 only
free ongkir Semarang region

if you're interested, just contact me 081904880555

Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

a promise

by Danielle
This letter is not written by me, but i found this in one of poems website...
this is really sweet.. for a girl, from her boyfriend... check it :)

This is the poem that I was telling you about that reminded me of you.
I wont promise you that skies will always be blue, but I will promise you rainbows.
I wont promise you that your fingers will never be pricked by a thorn, but I will promise to help find the rose.
I wont promise you that tears will never streak your face, but I will promise to kiss the tears away.
I wont promise that darkness will never again fall, but I will promise you sunlight with a new day.
I wont promise you that you will always be able to find your way, but I will promise to remain by your side.
I wont promise you that your heart will never be broke, but I will promise to bring the glue.
I wont promise you that everyone you love will feel the same way, but I will promise to always love you, that is my promise.

Hey beautiful,
I hope that you liked the poem. I love it when you say that I am the only one for you and that you’ll wait as long as it takes. Also when you said that you are never going to let me go, that put me in the best mood all day long. I am so happy, and you don’t have to worry I’m never going to leave you. I love you and I know one thing for sure, your stuck with me forever. Its not to much longer that you will have to keep imagining me being there, holding you in my arms. Laying with you and sleeping with you by my side every night, all night, and waking up with you in my arms. I don’t know what to do, I’m so in love with you. I cant wait for that first hug and kiss outside of these walls, I’m never letting go. Alright let me stop, your driving me nuts. I cant stop thinking about you. I just don’t understand it, I’m the luckiest guy on earth to be with the most beautiful girl on earth. You are the only one for me. I love you with all of my heart.
Yours Always,
Your “NERD,”

God has not promised skies always blue

Religion Columnist

A lady with pain in her side went to see a physician.
He told her she had appendicitis and must have an operation immediately.
She decided to get a second opinion and went to see another doctor. He told her she had gall bladder trouble and must have an operation immediately.
A friend asked her, "Where do you go from here?" She answered, "Back to the first doctor. I'd rather have appendicitis."

Most of us would rather have neither, but there's one ailment that's common to us all troubles. Call it suffering, problems, tribulations, character builders, as one fellow put it, "We all have our loads to carry."
One lady said recently, "I've got so many problems that if anything drastic happened today, it would be two weeks before I could get around to worrying about it."

Suffering will either make you bitter or better. When troubles come you can either sit down and quit or determine to do your best to keep plodding and give it your best shot. Often the plodders are the most successful in life.

Walt Disney applied at a midwestern newspaper for a job as an artist. He was told he did not have talent and was urged to give up art.
His first cartoon was "Oswald the Rabbit." It flopped. After that he drew "Mickey Mouse."
John Bunyan was incarcerated in the Bedford jail when he wrote "Pilgrim's Progress."
Victor Hugo was exiled. At that time he wrote one of the greatest novels the world has known, "Les Miserables."
George Westinghouse was treated as a mild lunatic by most railroad executives. "Stopping a train by wind! He's crazy!" Yet he persevered, and finally sold the idea of air brakes.

James Watt built model after model of his steam engine before he got one that worked efficiently.
Annie Johnson Flint was crippled and twisted most of her life with arthritis, yet out of her ordeal of protracted pain, she developed a sensitivity to suffering that helped her understand and encourage others who also were suffering.

She wrote these words of encouragement:

God hath not promised skies always blue,
Flower-strewn pathways all our lives through;
God hath not promised sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow, Peace without pain.

God hath not promised smooth roads and wide,
Swift easy travel, Needing no guide.
He hath not promised we shall not bear
Many a burden, many a care.

But God hath promised strength for the day,
Rest for the labor, light for the way,
Grace for the trials, help from above,
Unfailing sympathy, undying love.

DIY : Simple Bubbles Polkadots nail art tutorial

Summer is coming...
(or the most suitable is : everyday is a summer?) lol

do you girls feel that everyday, it's getting hotter and hotter?
yea, sometimes it's rain...
but mostly, our tropical country Indonesia is very very hot 

so I think to fresh up our mind,
why don't we play a little with our nails? :p

i call this : Simple Bubbles Polkadots

it's very easy to create this bubbles polkadots...

and here is the nail polish that i used...

OPI white and (what is it@@) a greyish purple? haha
the face shop blue
pokari black
and skin food nail vita top coat

if you're interested with this very-simple-nail-art
and want to create or modify with your own colors,

i would LOVE to see it!!!

you can post the link here,
on the comments box below....

i'm waiting for your creation!

good luck girls! ^^

Review : NYX Retractable Eye liner

Good afternoon girls... have your coffee break yet? i have.. :P
so today i'm gonna review one of my favorite product...
it's from NYX...
according to me, NYX products are mostly affordable, but their quality is very good...
and ladies, please welcome :

i have two colors here : brown and white

but instead of the two colors that i have,
there are many other shades that NYX provided...
it comes with 18 gorgeous colors... *o*

so let's just continue to the review and swatches, shall we?? :)

start from the packaging, 
i think this eyeliner quiet simple and slim
it's easy to carry on everywhere
plus it has a cap which can cover the pencil

move to the pencil,
it has a soft creamy texture and very easy to apply
once you swatch it, it will glides on smoothly
it can help me shape my eyes perfectly...

I really recommend this for those of you who still learn to apply eyeliner
this is a lot easier than use eyeliner in form of gel or liquid one

because it's in form of pencil and it's creamy,
it delivers intense pigmentation while it moisturizes...
even it's not waterproof (sadly to say)

but it can stay for almost a day

and surely, it's great to make your eyes pop or just for casual day out

i always use the brown eyeliner one to go to the campus
for a casual look :)
 (for me, brown is more natural than black)

and for the white eyeliner one, i use to apply it on my lower eyes,
to give a bigger effect to my eyes and create a dolly look...
ahaha :D

how much is it??
it depends on the shop who sell it,
i use to order NYX products on the online shop
and those have differents range of price
more or less it's from 50.000 - 75.000 rupiahs
or $5 - $7
so pretty affordable right??
but there are some NYX counter in Jakarta I guess
(but ofcourse different price too)

so for those of you who needs an easy-to-apply-eyeliner,
you should give this NYX retractable eyeliner a TRY... ^^

Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Purplely Hazelly giveaway!

  • Hi girls... Purplelyhazelly is helding her giveaway...
  • cekidot ^^

and what are the gifts???

  • My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask
  • Etude House Bee Happy Pen
  • Innisfree Olive Real Skin - sample
  • Etude Peel So Good Foam Cleanser Enzyme Peel - sample
  • 2 Etude Silk Scarf Conditioner - sample
  • 2 Etude AC Clinic White Trouble Essencializer - sample
  • Skin Food Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB Cream - sample
  • Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong #2 - sample
  • Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm - sample
  • Etude Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence - sample
  • Baviphat Apple All-in-One Peeling Gel - sample
  • Cute Phonestrap
  • Purple Rose Hairpin
  • Beauty Credit Acnever Tea Tree Extracts Emulsion

so if you want to join, just click here

good luck! ^^