Selasa, 17 September 2013

Review Mizzu Eyeliner Perfect Wear

Lately I realized, how LAZY I am for have not blogged since centuries?? maybe...
I don't know, just it has been long time ago, i think...
So girls, I'm back with a review of an eyeliner...
I'm typical of an eyeliner girl, it DOES a big difference in my face...
such a long name, huh?

it is made in Indonesia actually, and yes, CHEAP!
shall we start?

So, I have been mentioning that this eyeliner is cheap, well the price is actually various,
depends on where you'll get it, but online shop's price is commonly from 20.000 idr - 55.000 idr..
so it's about $1.5 - $5 or something...
I got mine in a local store near my campus, it costs me only 19.800 idr yey lol

the ingredients, just zoom it in so you can read the details 

it comes with a plastic box with black color, and it is mentioned that "it takes 30 second to dry for Maximum Waterproof Effect" wow, what kind of effect? @@

the eyeliner itself is a marker-alike, and comes with a felt-tip, so you can draw thin line or cat eyes, precisely. I like the simple packaging though.

now, to the swatch!

sadly the black color is not the intense black that I expected.
it's kinda sheer, and I must re-apply 4-5 layers till I get the 'intense black' that I want...
but, still with that amount of price, it's a bargain!

it's also SMUDGEPROOF, because when I rub my hand,
my hand-written 'mizzu' is still there, and does not smudge, at all, really!
for a $1,5 eyeliner? WOHOO!!!

it does not WATERPROOF though,
once I swipe with a wet tissue, it's gone, completely..

but I personally don't care whether it is waterproof or not,
the thing is it is smudgeproof, yey finally found a cheap smudgeproof eyeliner...

it glides smoooooothly on my eyelid....

what I love?
felt-tip pen style
easy to apply
easy to remove

what I don't really like?
the black is not really intense