Selasa, 17 September 2013

Review Mizzu Eyeliner Perfect Wear

Lately I realized, how LAZY I am for have not blogged since centuries?? maybe...
I don't know, just it has been long time ago, i think...
So girls, I'm back with a review of an eyeliner...
I'm typical of an eyeliner girl, it DOES a big difference in my face...
such a long name, huh?

it is made in Indonesia actually, and yes, CHEAP!
shall we start?

So, I have been mentioning that this eyeliner is cheap, well the price is actually various,
depends on where you'll get it, but online shop's price is commonly from 20.000 idr - 55.000 idr..
so it's about $1.5 - $5 or something...
I got mine in a local store near my campus, it costs me only 19.800 idr yey lol

the ingredients, just zoom it in so you can read the details 

it comes with a plastic box with black color, and it is mentioned that "it takes 30 second to dry for Maximum Waterproof Effect" wow, what kind of effect? @@

the eyeliner itself is a marker-alike, and comes with a felt-tip, so you can draw thin line or cat eyes, precisely. I like the simple packaging though.

now, to the swatch!

sadly the black color is not the intense black that I expected.
it's kinda sheer, and I must re-apply 4-5 layers till I get the 'intense black' that I want...
but, still with that amount of price, it's a bargain!

it's also SMUDGEPROOF, because when I rub my hand,
my hand-written 'mizzu' is still there, and does not smudge, at all, really!
for a $1,5 eyeliner? WOHOO!!!

it does not WATERPROOF though,
once I swipe with a wet tissue, it's gone, completely..

but I personally don't care whether it is waterproof or not,
the thing is it is smudgeproof, yey finally found a cheap smudgeproof eyeliner...

it glides smoooooothly on my eyelid....

what I love?
felt-tip pen style
easy to apply
easy to remove

what I don't really like?
the black is not really intense

Rabu, 10 Juli 2013



Ini adalah hal yang terus ada dalam diriku,
beberapa hari ini, beberapa bulan, bahkan hampir setahun ini . . .

Apakah bingung yang terus membuat diri bak orang ling-lung, tidak tahu harus berbuat apa? Apakah bingung yang menjadikan diri buntung, hingga tak bisa melakukan apa-apa? Bukan... bukan kebingungan macam itu!!

Ini adalah kebingungan yang membuatku terus mencari . . .
Mencari makna dari tatanan ilahi
Mencari nilai dari peran dan tujuan diri
Mencari seuatu yang pasti

Ini adalah kebingungan yang membuatku terus belajar . . .
Belajar dari Guru Agung yang paling terpelajar
Belajar supaya diri tidak hanya bisa berujar
Belajar supaya hidup makin benar

Biarlah bingung membuat diri mau merenung
Biarlah bingung membuat diri semakin bergantung
Bergantung kepada Sang Pribadi Agung

Ah, . . . ini mungkin saja hanya teologi bingung yang sedang membingungkan diri sendiri. Namun setidaknya ini menuntun diri ini menjadi pencari dan pembelajar sejati. ‪#‎ngarepbgt‬

Selamat bingung!
Supaya ada waktu merenung . . .
 Hingga kita bisa penuh bergantung . . . 
Kepada Sang Pribadi Agung . . .
Written By : Natanael Dbj Pratama

Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

IBB makeup challenge : Dull to DOLL

Hey dolls!
here my post today is about makeup challenge that is held by Indonesian Beauty Blogger
with theme : dull to DOLL

I'm so excited to do this makeup transformation
since, today is the last day of the submission :D

yes sometimes (or most of the time) I am kinda last second person

never mind, let's take a look my version of this challenge, shall we?


my version of dull is an old porcellain doll,
which is not pretty, pale face and lips, sad eyes, messy hair
and cracked in some parts of her face

look how sad her face! 

with the help of magic spells and makeup,

here's she is transformed to a pretty porcelain doll :)

what do you think is her transformation?
wish me luck, dolls ^^

please leave some love for her,
she does love comments :D

Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

Makeup Challenge : Wing n' Wink !

Hey cat lovers,
this is just a short post about makeup challenge 
with the theme Wing n' Wink
which is hosted by Endi Feng and Josephine

simply click their name to go straight forward to their blogs :)

I'm really excited about this makeup challenge,
because I love cat eyes style

but I never did my self potrait : winking -_-
I don't know
I feel weird when I did that,

anyway here's how I look ^^

Because for this challenge, winking is A MUST,
so I tried hard to do it
hopefully make a good one

To draw the wings,
I'm using Silky girl gel eyeliner in black,
it has a good brush that help me a lot to draw the perfect cat eyes precisely 
they ask the participants to polish their nails
with vivid color

I applied my Etude House HD beam nail polish GR601
which is a vibrant tosca green! 

I choose this color to match my underline which has similar color,
I'm using Silky girl fun eyelights pencil in 11 electric blue

not bad, eh?

hahahaha :D
have you done your submission?

it will be closed on May, 10th!

Wish you all (and of course myself) a good LUCK ^^

in case you wanna see other participants and how they look like,
just log in your twitter and search with hashtag

they all have done a greattt job !

(Sponsored) Review D'Eye ko False Eyelashes Princess Syahrini

 Hi girls...
As a falshies lover, I've heard about D' Eyeko False Eyelashes
D' Eyeko is a false eyelashes factory that producing hand made premium lashes, 
all of the false eyelashes are made of natural hair,
easy application, lightweight & comfortable, and sassy natural looking.

They named their products based on some famous celebrities in Indonesia,
one of the newest products are from Princess Syahrini lines

 I'm so lucky!
because one of D'Eyeko staff contacted me few weeks ago
to send me some products from Princess Syahrini lines
it has 5 different designs which is really identical to Syahrini
Surya Kencana

I got two pairs, which are Merak and Surya Kencana
but now I'm just gonna review MERAK first

As you can see,
the design of Princess Syahrini MERAK has 
THIN and SLIGHT lashes then
ended by THICK and HEAVY lashes from the middle

this unique eyelashes are match to wear with either formal or casual wear
The eyelashes come with a very nice packaging and a few amount of glue
firstly, I really like the design of MERAK
but it was very hard to put them on my eyelids
first because the length of the eyelashes are way too long in my eyes
so they are not fit my eyes perfectly

The design that I actually like,
make them even harder to fit in my eyes,
However, the thin and thick lashes make it weird,
when I put my mascara, trying to make it looks tapering, 
but it turn to be even more weird

so I put it down again, no more try to make it looks tapering
and here's how my look using Princess Syahrini MERAK

see the weird things that I mean? 

 but it hardly notice if I open my eyes, in the picture

However I love the glue inside the packaging,
it can stick the false lashes in my eyelids well

if you have big eyes, this lashes may suits you perfectly!
it is better to wear this lashes to a party or something which is need glamour make up,
this lashes DEFINITELY too much for daily use
and not natural as well
I may not recommend this to those who has a little eyes like me

But, my failure with Syahrini lashes will not let me down la! hehehe

I really want to try D' Eyeko false eyelashes from Cherrybelle's lines

 Cute right??? 
have you tried Chibi's false lashes?
let me know ^^ 

You can buy any kinds of D' Eyeko eyelashes in Matahari Dept. Store
for idr 50.000 or $5 per pair

for further information, you may check here 

Kamis, 04 April 2013

Meet my new purple make up traincase!!!

 Konnichiwa beauty addicts arround the world!
I've been very lazy these months to write something on this blog...
My apology :(

But now I'm back with my new post in April about my new makeup traincase
look how cute and huge she is!
I shall call her PURPLINK

In case you're wondering where I bought her,
i bought Purplink at ACE hardware
and on 35% SALE
what a bargain! it is only IDR 397.000

now let's take a look inside her
*excuse me, Purpl!*

 On the first left row it's the chamber of lippie products like
lipstick, liptint, lipgloss, lipbalm 

On the first right row it's the chamber of eye products like
eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara
(but that's not all!)

Below the lippies chamber, it's face chamber such as
bronzer, highliter, blush on

Below the eye products chamber, it's random products such as
eye primer, concealer, there are eyeshadow too, and etc

on the corner of the big box
there are my big eyeshadow palettes
my MUA palettes
my foundations, sponges, brushes,
scissor, hand sanitizer, and fake eyelashes

I love my Purplink,
she and the makeup things inside her is just like treasure
inside my room

what do you think?
do you love her too?
thanks for reading

Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Seohyun SNSD 'Kiss Me,Baby-G' Inspired Look

Hello Kpopers all over the world!
I'm here telling you that recently,
Girls Generation and Casio are doing some colaboration for Casio's new product
 which is "Kiss Me, Baby - G"

their advertisement is very great and enchanting,
especially the SNSD girls makeup..
but as a Seohyun Fan,
she is the one that most make me want to do the inspired makeup look

here she is!!
cute right?

and here's my version
I'm not trying to be like her or something,
I just want to have fun with make up
that's all :D


here are the products I'm using
I must say that the most incredible thing to create this look is 
it's Sariayu Trend Warna 2011 in Denting Kecapi 01

Very Gorgeous Pink Color,
with cool undertone
but preferably I call it 'barbie pink'

What do you think girls?
I'd love to read your comments :)

First Giveaway Racun Warna Warni (sponsored by Ms Lie)

Jeng jeng jeng jeng~

First of all I wanna say CONGRATULATIONS for Mba Arum as the owner of Racun Warna Warni blog for helding the first giveaway!!
lalala~ yeyeye~ lalala~ yeyeye~ (^O^)/

*tabuh dram,gambus,kecapi,genderang, dan seruling*
ehh??? seruling??? -___-

sudah ah, malah ngaco, langsung aja tentang blog Racun Warna Warni ini...
*cuiittt2 piwiiittt* #tepuk tangan heboh

menurut accordingtoGita, Racun Warna Warni ini bener2 ASELiiiii 100% RACUN dahhh!
hahahaha... gimana gak coba? hampir semua produk lokal yang aku minat, reviewnya ADA semua lengkap!
yang buat gita suka (banget) sama blog Racun warna warni karena review LOCAL PRODUCTS yang LENGKAP, BERAGAM, dan PENJELASANNYA SANGAT DETAIL (jujur lho mba, suerr) hehehe
terus juga demen bacanya gara2 bahasa Mba Arum yang lucu, ceplas ceplos, dan kadang ngalor ngidul gajebo gitchuu yang kadang bikin gita senyum2 sampe ngakak guling2 *kalo ini lebay, abaikan* -___-

dari baca2 blognya, gita bisa menyimpulkan kalo Mba Arum ini orangnya apa adanya, dia pede dengan blog bahasa indonesianya meskipun the reader cuma indonesian residences, give applause for her ! *plok!*
terus dia juga bangga akan produk dalam negeri, buatan Indonesia... sehingga review produk lokalnya bisa dibilang lengkap banget kalo menurut gita... itu yang buat gita demen menyinggahi blog Mba Arum... *bahasanya google terjemahan sekali* dan ujung2nya terkena racyunn... -__-

kalo minusnya buat aku sih sebenernya gak ada sih.. every blog has their own unique, and every blog is representing the writer... from the design, the contents, etc... tapi kalo dipaksa suru memberi kritik, mungkin gita lebih menyoroti headernya aja.. :D kurang cetar gituhh! kurang berasa racun! kurang "Mba Arum" (apa coba maksudnya "kurang Mba Arum"?) hahahaha....

Sarannya hmmm... ditambah aja deh RACHYUN nyaa! *tampar* wkakakak...
kunantikan selalu apdetan mu Mba

trus kalo blog post yang paling gita suka,
Beauty on Budget
Swatch : pink lipstick
Sariayu Haul : eyeshadow Bena + Kelimutu

yang akhirnya menghasilkan haul bulan januari februari gita, bisa cek disini mba) hahaha.. ini berkat rachyuunn dahshyat kamuhh....

Sekilas tentang gita :
hmm bingung sihh kalo suru nyeritain diri sendiri, hmm..tapi akan kucoba.. *singsingkan lengan baju* yah seorang yang gaya bahasanya lebay, tapi ga selalu koq.. in some case aja wkwkk... suka makeup, pasti, suka fashion juga.. tapi gak suka belajar dan gak suka bikin tugas.. hahahaha.. tapi kalo kepepet selalu pake sistem SKS alias sistem kebut SATUJAM~ hahaha... suka banget sama warna pink mba, kalo Mba Arum sukanya apa? hahahah.. suka hellokitty sama rillakuma juga... dalam hal makeup sih sama ma Mba Arum, seorang lip junkies! Mba Arum juga kan?? ketauan lho.. hehehe.. *ketauan apanya, orang mba Arum sendiri udah ngaku* hahaha...
selain lip products, aku juga eyeliner dan eyeshadow junkies, parahh banget -__-

Pucuk dicinta ulam pun tiba, ngeliat review Mba Arum yang revlon dan fanbo lipstik, terus sariayu eyeshadow yg isi 3, wahhh langsung ke TKP dah! ke toko makeup deket rumah... pake acara colek2 segala padahal ati udah mantep mo beli... yah, saya mengaku saya sangat mudah teracuni..-_-

Gita seneng banget bisa nemu blog Racun warna warni punya Mba Arum ini,
gita bisa lebih mengenal dan juga mencintai produk dalam negeri...
(dulu gita kebanyakan beli produk korea dan US karena ga percaya produk lokal)
dan sekarang gita jadi keranjingan produk lokal, beberapa brand lokal favorit yaitu Sariayu, Wardah, LT PRO dan masi banyak lagi...

Last but not least, thanks a bunch buat Mba Arum yang udah menyelenggarakan giveaway ini!
semoga blognya makin unyu dan cetar membahana yah jeng??

Buat temen2 lain yang mau ikutan, gampang aja!
giveaway ini berhadiah : NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection
dan buat temen2 yang ga ngeblog,
bisa berkesempatan mendapatkan Skin Food BB cream Aloe

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  • Perkenalkan diri. Tulis nama, alamat email, dan perkenalkan dirimu secara santai aja, yang penting gimana caranya biar saya kenal sama kamu :D
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  • Tuliskan apa yang disukai dan yang nggak disukai dari blog ini
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Oke deh, segitu dulu aja yah cyiin, see you on the next post!

Jumat, 08 Maret 2013

My 20th Birthday : what a proccess!

Last February, the 11th, 2013 was actually an unforgettable day for me!
yep because it was the day when I turn into 20
What do I felt?
Well to be honest, I feel so old..
I wish I was forever-19-years old...
ahahaha :D
silly wish

I'm kidding, of course I feel grateful! a lot!
Thank My Lord Jesus who always take care of me, 
in fact I'm very naughty and stubborn -___-

thank my parents, for always support me by love, care, 
and financial needs :p

and the last, my little sister, my boyfriend and my friends who gave me a little surprise right at 12 am!
though you guys were distracting this sleeping beauty~

this was planned by my sister and my boyfriend
my boyfriend made me mad right before I slept,
so at that time I was slept in a gloomy mood~ ahaha

but then suddenly someone knocks my door hardly,
and even harder...

I was getting even mad!
who is it? I said
No answer, but the knock was even harder
I was kinda like what the hell is that
then with heavy puffy eyes I woke up and angrily said : WHAT???

then my friend, played the guitar
and the other sang 'happy birthday song'
while Nathan, my boy, came with a little-heart-shaped-tart cake

I just did not know what to say,
I just cry

they are willing to give their rest time to come to my house and give such a special surprise for me
sweet, isn't it?
this is the best birthday ever...


me and Nathan

the birthday cake 

 Okay, that was the sweet moment, but soon after that, my friend said : 
we're hungry, what can we eat? wakakak
geez -___- that's my friend, very very truthfull

so at about 1 am I have to cook five instant noodle for them

20 years for me is a very long process that actually full of happiness, 
but on the other side, also disappointment, sadness,
but to tell the truth, I learn a lot

I think all that I've been through along this were all shaping me,
mold me, encourage me, strengthen me, 
to be a better GITA

Thanks Jesus for another one year that You had added in my life