Jumat, 28 Februari 2014

My shelter

Heaven in earth, supposed to be,
O’ so faraway, not even close, not even there.
More likely hell.

Ego’s everywhere.

Minggu, 16 Februari 2014

Make Up Collaboration : 2NE1 All or Nothing CL Inspired Look

hei pweetttyyyy... so loonngg time no see ><
It's been a years since I didn't write anything on blog, eh?
and today I'm gonna bring you my first makeup collaboration!

It's inspired by 2NE1 with their new album : All or Nothing
it's something 'outrageous' for me to have this collaboration,
- because I do this collab with 3 famous blogger la! 
who doesn't know Via, Rini Cesillia, and Ce Bebe?
they are not only famous but are also so good at makeup,
i feel a bit down at first, but I really wanna do this! so I take the chance.. 

- because I like CL the most and I get the chance to do her makeup inspiration,
eventhough, it's hard because I found none of her picture taken from the front.. -.-

check my fellas blog to see their look, they're really awesome!!!
just simply click the link 

Me as CL

So here is how I tried to re-create CL's look
CL is never failed with her cat eye look, I guess cat eye just doesn't suit my eyes ><
it makes me look fierce, doesn't it?
her eye makeup is just a gradation of orange and sea green,
peach cheek, and pale peach lips...

what guhhhreaaaatttt is that fortunately I have had all that it needs to create this look , yey!

don't you realize that my clothes is actually just a piece of fabric? hihi

firstly I plan to buy a bang clip, but I ended up not buying it because I don't have time , hiks

so here's the final look
what do you think?
please leave some comments :)

oh here below are the products I used :)

eyes :
sleek i-candy palette
LT PRO eyeshadow palette matte
wet n wild - comfort zone
Urban Decay primer potion - greed
pixy liquid eyeliner

face :
Rimmel wake me up foundation
MAC studio fix - NC 25

cheek :
Illamasqua cream blush - rude

lips : 
wet n wild - just peachy

I hope you enjoy this look, bye!
thanks for droppin' by ....