Kamis, 04 April 2013

Meet my new purple make up traincase!!!

 Konnichiwa beauty addicts arround the world!
I've been very lazy these months to write something on this blog...
My apology :(

But now I'm back with my new post in April about my new makeup traincase
look how cute and huge she is!
I shall call her PURPLINK

In case you're wondering where I bought her,
i bought Purplink at ACE hardware
and on 35% SALE
what a bargain! it is only IDR 397.000

now let's take a look inside her
*excuse me, Purpl!*

 On the first left row it's the chamber of lippie products like
lipstick, liptint, lipgloss, lipbalm 

On the first right row it's the chamber of eye products like
eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara
(but that's not all!)

Below the lippies chamber, it's face chamber such as
bronzer, highliter, blush on

Below the eye products chamber, it's random products such as
eye primer, concealer, there are eyeshadow too, and etc

on the corner of the big box
there are my big eyeshadow palettes
my MUA palettes
my foundations, sponges, brushes,
scissor, hand sanitizer, and fake eyelashes

I love my Purplink,
she and the makeup things inside her is just like treasure
inside my room

what do you think?
do you love her too?
thanks for reading