Senin, 30 April 2012

my 2012 fashion style

it has been a loooong time that i did not write anymore.. hahaha :D now i back and want to start sharing my fashion style that I adore now... i love pink and it is like a trademark for me... so i won't leave without anything pink on me.. hahaha so let's get started
1. a pink cardigan.. for me, cardigan is something that wearable in most of the time.. it is cute and colorful... i prefer the one that is knitted.. not spandex or other materials.. the knitted one is more cute.. i think... i also prefer pastel colors like pink, white, sky blue, etc...
2. cute camisol dress.. see the colors of my camisol dress? i really love this cute dress so much.. although maybe it seems too short.. :( but it's really cute when i wear it with my pink cardigan.. perfect combination...
3. a vintage dress.. do you notice that vintage style is booming now? i also loveee vintage style so much.. and this dress is one of my vintage collections.. what do you think about this dress? do you like vintage style too? :) anyway, i'm in love with someone now.. maybe that's makes my style girly... falling in love, indeed, makes all of girl want to look prettier right? :)

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    1. ahhh... my lovely sister visited my blog?? i can't believe it... hahaha... thanks a lot sis... :* hope you enjoy my simple blog.. :D shyyy