Jumat, 04 Januari 2013

Review : Shampoo + Conditioner Ichikami by Kracie

Happy new year, dollies!!!
how's your new year event?
was it nice? hope as nice as mine :)
so today, i'm going to write my first post about my favorite shampoo and conditioner
i've been using these 2 products since 6 or 8 months ago if i'm not mistaken

so here are the products :
these are ICHIKAMI Shampoo and Conditioner by Kracie or Kanebo Japan

yea... i know, the packaging are way too lovely right?
how could i miss them from my shopping list? -_-
so, i ended up and bought these two dolly.... ^^

before explain further, let me introduce you to the philosophy of this brand, shall we?

 courtesy of thesamplestore.sg

the first one with the white packaging is the shampoo,
the liquid is pearly white with a nice combination smell between floral and fruity scents although the floral is stronger but the scents is really nice and feminine, just love it!

The shampoo cleanses very well but is not drying. The treatment leaves my hair soft and smooth, and easier to manage. telling you the truth, my hair is slightly oily scalp and dry ends...

another thing that attract me is one of the ingredients...
yeah, rice! so this shampoo is contain rice extract which i heard that it works well for hair...
so i thought, why don't give them a try?

and here's the conditioner that come with black elegant packaging and soft pink cap on the bottom,
i must say that i love the combination colors of this conditioner rather than the boring white packaging of the shampoo, but for the bottle, the shampoo win my heart..

 the liquid is milky beige and smell a bit like the shampoo, although not as nice as the shampoo. i don't know why the smell of the conditioner kinda weird but surprisingly it doesn't make your hair smell weird.. i think the shampoo scents works really well...
at the end, my hair is now much more manageable, very smooth and silky... bye bye tangled and frizzy hair!!

these are the caps of both products...
the shampoo on the top while the conditioner on the bottom...

overall, of course i loveeee these products a lot!!!!

the shampoo has a really nice scents
nice packaging
doesn't dry out your hair
makes your hair smoother, softer, silkier
get me rid of tangled and frizzy hair
big plus, they both are SILICONE-free, so no more hair-loss...^^
easy to find, find them in Guardian (Indonesia) or Watsons

for you who has rebellious and dry hair i really recommend these!!!
you should try....

what i hate?
it's a bit pricey,
50.000 idr / each (200ml)

will I repurchase?
hmmm... i really want to, if i have nothing to spend,
will definitely buy them again :)

so what's your favorite shampoo and conditioner? tell me :)

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  1. nice review git ^^ racuunn bgt deh >.<

    1. hehe.. thankyou ce :P ayo dicobaa

  2. Aku juga suka sama shampoo ini, beli yg isi 550ml udah berbulan2 gag habis2. Cuma butuh 1-2 pump sekali keramas.

    1. hi sekar.. thanks for droppin by ya!^^

  3. wahhh aku ud sirng liat ini d watsons, akirnya ada yg ngreview..
    thanx Git, mau cb ah kapan2 xD

    1. iya ce worth to try lhoo :D nice smell jg...
      thanks for droppin by!^^

  4. Hi! Aku ngasih kamu award loh..


  5. jadi pingin cium baunya kyk gmn :)

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    1. nice smell :) worth to try koq..
      thanks for droppin by!^^

  6. wow, the packaging sure is cute :)
    aku belum pernah coba sebelumnya, wah jadi pengen :)

    1. coba aja say.. :)
      worth to try koq
      thanks for droppin by!^^

  7. Baru coba ini beberapa hari.. i hope this product will make my hair better.. free from hairfall.. Tks for ur review gita!

  8. Sharing aja... Bila mencari produk Ichikami atau beauty prod Jpn lainnya bisa melalui ol shop ini. Ramah & cepat pelyanan nya.

  9. Hi Dear, mau info aja kalau beli ichikami online sekarang bisa di www.nihonmartbeauty.com
    Mampir2 ya dear^^