Minggu, 16 Februari 2014

Make Up Collaboration : 2NE1 All or Nothing CL Inspired Look

hei pweetttyyyy... so loonngg time no see ><
It's been a years since I didn't write anything on blog, eh?
and today I'm gonna bring you my first makeup collaboration!

It's inspired by 2NE1 with their new album : All or Nothing
it's something 'outrageous' for me to have this collaboration,
- because I do this collab with 3 famous blogger la! 
who doesn't know Via, Rini Cesillia, and Ce Bebe?
they are not only famous but are also so good at makeup,
i feel a bit down at first, but I really wanna do this! so I take the chance.. 

- because I like CL the most and I get the chance to do her makeup inspiration,
eventhough, it's hard because I found none of her picture taken from the front.. -.-

check my fellas blog to see their look, they're really awesome!!!
just simply click the link 

Me as CL

So here is how I tried to re-create CL's look
CL is never failed with her cat eye look, I guess cat eye just doesn't suit my eyes ><
it makes me look fierce, doesn't it?
her eye makeup is just a gradation of orange and sea green,
peach cheek, and pale peach lips...

what guhhhreaaaatttt is that fortunately I have had all that it needs to create this look , yey!

don't you realize that my clothes is actually just a piece of fabric? hihi

firstly I plan to buy a bang clip, but I ended up not buying it because I don't have time , hiks

so here's the final look
what do you think?
please leave some comments :)

oh here below are the products I used :)

eyes :
sleek i-candy palette
LT PRO eyeshadow palette matte
wet n wild - comfort zone
Urban Decay primer potion - greed
pixy liquid eyeliner

face :
Rimmel wake me up foundation
MAC studio fix - NC 25

cheek :
Illamasqua cream blush - rude

lips : 
wet n wild - just peachy

I hope you enjoy this look, bye!
thanks for droppin' by ....

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  1. bagus kok gittt...
    hihi.. ayo rajin ngeblog lg mulai dr skrg :D

  2. fotonya kok kepotongg git >_<