Kamis, 17 April 2014

Dupes for MAC Lovelorn

Hi girls, it's been a century since I never write anymore related to beauty and makeup things...
Recently, I write poems often...
what? Am I going to be like Shakespeare?
No! hahaha... I only want to be like Emily Dickinson, haha.. 
no, I'm kidding...

anyway back to the topic, as I like poems, I do love love love lipsticks!
I feel like I have a passionate to lipsticks more than any other make up stuffs...

one of my favorite lipstick is MAC Lovelorn,
a very beautiful pink with blue undertone, which suits for everyday look
not too bright, but not too soft like nude or pink brownish color...

it leaves a glossy finish, but not overly glossy, which give me the natural-but-fresh looking...

one of the most important thing, it doesn't make my lips dry...

so, this lipstick looks very perfect, but what makes it bad? NOTHING I must tell you,
but for some reason, the price of MAC lipsticks is too pricey!
they are not lipsticks that you can buy everyday, or you can have all the shades,
it costs 240.000 rupiahs in Indonesia, which about more or less 20 bucks...

so, this is not everyone's lipstick,
not everyone, have budgets, or wants to spend 20 bucks only for lipstick...

but, relax... calm down...
I have the alternative for this pretty summer pink lipstick,
hey Indonesian girls, be happy be proud, because one of the dupe I mention here is from Sariayu

so let's check it out!

the one which is in the middle, 
it is Topshop with shade in Innocent, 
and beside it, Sariayu with shade in Denting kecapi 01

without a further do, let's go on the swatches

can you even spot the different?
let's see how they work with flash

I must say that the color of the three of them are incredibly similar,
whatever you call it, a bubblegum pink or barbie pink?

if you put them on lips, you will not spot the differences...

But the truth is I wanna tell you that there are differences
but minor ones...

The color pay off - Mac Lovelorn, is the most sheer of all, the most glossy one, 
and Sariayu is the less-glossy one, the one which has the most intense color
and Topshop is somewhere in the middle between the two...

The packaging - Sariayu is the most bulky one, whether MAC is like a bullet I think,
and a bit heavy... my favorite is the Topshop, so cute and simple...

The fragrance - both MAC and Sariayu contains fragrance, which it might be annoying
for some people, but I think the fragrance is not horrible or disturbing, I kinda like it :)
Topshop is fragrance-free... 

now come into the important thing,

the price of the Topshop lipstick is about 150.000 rupiahs,
if I'm not mistaken so it is around $15 
wether Sariayu is only cost 30.000 - 35.000 rupiahs,
so it is around $3, depends on which store you buy

so, can you go wrong with $3 lipstick?? no, NEVER.
and the shades of Sariayu lipsticks are incredibly pretty 

4 komentar:

  1. First time here.. and langsung follow... :)

    Sari ayu akhir-akhir ini sangat mengejutkan yah. Bagus-bagus semua produknya. Untuk warna begini, you should try the NYX. Tapi dia matte sih. Kalo nggak salah in no. 15.

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


    1. wow thankyou for you kindness, miss plum :) gonna check your blog soon!
      indeed, sariayu is great, nyx yg mana nih? yg soft matte lip cream? or yg lipstick?
      nice to meet you..

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