Senin, 19 November 2012

How to clean your magic wands (BRUSHES)?

Hello girls...
as a makeup lovers, of course we need that magic wands...
can you guess what are they?

but how to make our brushes clean?
since we use it to our face so it should be hygienic right?
sometimes my girl friends wash them but in a total wrong way...
that's gonna make the brushes broken! uh oh NO

so here i'm gonna share how I clean my magic wands...
it's easy and not expensive :P

really, I don't need an expensive brush cleaner :)

so let's get started!

1. all you need to have is :
yes, here i use a hand soap! not baby shampoo or etc

and then an OLIVE OIL
olive oil is really a good cleanser and it soften your brushes too

and prepare a plate

2. pour 8 or more drops to the plate

and then a little amount of the olive oil

3. prepare your brushes!

4. take your brush and do as i did on the picture below, 
just like the painter clean their painting brush :D

i started with my stipple brush, it was really dirty coz i use it to apply my liquid foundie

5. do the motion back and forth on the palm of your hand
like i did in the picture below

6. put the wet brushes on a piece of handkerchief (or tissue or towel )

7. see the dirty plate? ewww... 

8. prepare a glass of warm water
remember! it should be 'warm' not hot

9. the next step is to 'steam' the brushes inside the warm water

10. put the brushes ONE by ONE
and wait for about 30 seconds, do not be too long :D

11. rinse them on the wash basin
why? because the water from wash basin is flowing from up and down
so it won't make your brushes broken

12. dry them with towel or handkerchief 
(i'm using my old tanktop)

12. meanwhile, put a handkerchief inside a glass like i did in the picture below

13. see how it works with handkerchief?
it can give a special space for the big brushes :D
so they are not 'disturbing' each other
lol :P

see? how it works?

it's easy, hygienic, and cheap!!!

do you have any other way to clean your magic wands?
lemme know :)

much love, gita

8 komentar:

  1. Thankyou!! Will definitely try this. I have been using baby shampoo all this time. Thanks!! :D

    1. you're very welcome ce! :D
      lemme know how's the result after you try this :)

  2. I've been using evoo and whatever soap that I have in hand. Shampoo, facial wash, hand soap, dishwasher soap anything will do. After I washed them I dip them in rubbing alcohol ti further get rid of those germs. #OCD Alert

    1. huwaow really? :D
      alcohol? is it work for the brushes?

      nice to know you :) thanks for dropping by

    2. Just dip them in the alcohol solution at the last step, so far it doesn't ruin the brushes and it dries a lot faster too..!!

    3. wow! sounds great..
      will try it soon! thanks dear :)

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    1. you're always welcome, Janet :D