Senin, 19 November 2012

IBB Make Up Challenge GOTHIC FAIRY

Fairy is not always identic with something colorful, sweet, and cute...
but there are also darkness and seductive there...

here proudly I present GOTHIC FAIRY look
especially for Indonesian Beauty Blogger Make Up Challenge

I did not put so many color here,
just smokey cat eyes, and then put some imitation jewels around my eyes 
and on my right cheek bones...

and then the red lipstick to give a seductive look...

i did not do anything for the hair because what i was thinking is,
fairy always live freely, wildly, and they fly away...
their hair must be very messy right? lol

so here is the look about GOTHIC FAIRY according to my interpertation

 Hope you like it!
what do you think about this look?
comments are needed :D

I realized that my make up skill is far from good...
but no matter what, I love make up
and i want to improve my skill more and more...^^

Last but not least,
thanks a lot from my deepest heart 
especially to :

they're really did a wonderful job! :D

if you are interested to have photoshoot with them, 
just simply 'click' their name and contact them...
they are located in Semarang :)

8 komentar:

  1. loving the look! I think you have great skills already!! ^_~

    1. waa.. thank you so much Janet :D #hug

  2. Balasan
    1. thank you so much Rosdiana :D #hug

  3. waaa keliatan gothic bgt git ^^ good luck!

    1. thank youuu so much ce :D #hug

  4. LOVE the look and the wings! :D

    please join my 1st giveaway:

    1. thanks a lot Rhea :D #hug
      sure.. check it now...