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a Very Late Post : January and February 2013 Haul

Holaaaa girlsss...
long time no see, long time no post !

how are youu all ??
hope all of you are doing well...

not like me,
so i had been in hospital because of typhus, 
( i don't know whether i spell in the right way or not ) hehe

all the campus things starting from our upcoming drama performance, english competition days,
and soooo mannyyyyy assignments, tasks, journals, papers, whatever their names are! >,<

it all so exhausting yet overwhelming...
maybe that's the reason I sick, 
my body was begging for a break...
so i was hospitalized for 3 days... -.-

oh well, so now I'm getting a lot better,
and I miss you all...
so I'm starting by sharing my January and February haul...
I know it's already late, but not "too" late right? #slap

Here is the picture of all haul
CLICK ON the picture to see the bigger picture

I bought pretty many products from Korean Product, Indonesian Product, also from the drugstores
and i will explain a little bit about some products...

Let's start from the Indonesian Product Lines, shall we?


Rivera Face Shimmering Powder
well it contains 4 different shade of glowing and shimering powder; 
shimery white, beige, pink, and taupe
the shades colours are really pretty, and the simple packaging
and it is only cost IDR 19.500 or about $1.8
why not give it a try? who knows it is good^^

Wardah Olive Oil
I'm looking for pure olive oil that has many benefits for skin,
so i choose this one, for a little bottle cost IDR 17.000 or $1.5

Wardah Hydrating Toner
I really like this toner! this is my second purchase though!
it is refreshing and not iritating my skin, smells good too :)
cheap, only IDR 16.000 or $1.5 for the biggest bottle

Sariayu Eyeliner in Etnika Nusa Tenggara
To be honest, I'm interested with the pattern of the pencil,
so gorgeous! you'll see the closer picture below!
it is not expensive too, only IDR 30.000 or $3

Face on Face Blush On #Natural Glow
Many beauty bloggers wrote a good review about this cheap cute blush,
it cost only IDR 20.000 or $2
so it is a must-have-item right?

Rivera Cover Foundation #Misty green
I have acnes in my face so I'm curious whether green coloured foundation
can really cover the redness, though this is a small size and cheap!
only IDR 23.500 or $2.5 for a little pot sized..

Sariayu Eyeshadow Kelimutu Trend Warna 2012 Etnika Nusa Tenggara
No doubt that this eyeshadow is marvelous and cost only IDR 33.000 or $3
which is a great deal!

Sariayu Eyeshadow Petikan Sitar Trend Warna 2011 Exotic Indonesia
There are actually many shades of Sariayu eyeshadow that I want to buy T__T
but but but, I still have to save my money for the other so I just have to handle my passion...
but still because this shades are very gorgeous, I have to buy it, despite of the other colours

Fanbo Fantastic Lipstick #19
The colour is so pretty! actually because firstly I want to buy Revlon Super Lustrous in Ginger Rose
but it is out of stock and I broken hearted, but then I found this cheap lipstick that has exactly the same shades with Ginger Rose so I just fastly grab it for the price is ONLY IDR 12.000 or $1.2!!!
Honest, with that price this lipstick is really worth to buy! it's creamy and glides smoothly on my lips, great colours pay off!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick #117 Almost Nude
Every beauty bloggers might know that this is one of the great nude lipstick so as a nude lover, 
besides, it is only $3 or IDR 30.000 
this is a must buy for me! :P

Sariayu Lipstick Denting Kecapi 01 Trend Warna 2012 Exotic Indonesia
I usually not a big fan of pink lipstick but this one, is so prettyy! the pink colour is reminding me of Barbie lips that is sooo pinkish with cool undertone , LOVE
it cost only IDR 25.000 or $2.5 

Then NEXT is from Korean Product Lines.... 

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Again because many beauty bloggers reviewed this product as the comparable primer that has a good quality as Urban Decay Eye primer potion, so this was on my wish list always!
it cost IDR 60.000 or $6

Skin Food Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB Cream #Natural Beige
I was curious about this product since it has a cuteeee packaging and heard that it has a nice smell 
even the oil control is actually not so good
it cost me IDR 80.000 or about $8

Etude House Skin Malgem Essential
Since i'm looking for a good skincare for oily skin, and heard that this is one of the great one,
I didn't hesitate to buy it... it cost IDR 130.000 or about $13

Then move to the drugstores products

Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Cake Powder
Had been searching about a good two way cake then decide to buy this one, since it said that it has a great cover and oil control, plus it is PINK!
cost IDR 30.000 or $3

MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Pallete
It is very gorgeous eyeshadow pallete with the price only 115.000 or $11.5 
natural and great colours pay off, 
i really looooveeeee this one!

Oriflame Very Me Lips Stain in Raspberry
I already purchased and tried the #Red one, and it is great!
so this time I wanna try the Raspberry one...
IDR 39.000 or about $3.9

and the last is UNBRANDED ones...

Harajuku Eyeliner
The packaging is adorably cute right????
cost only IDR 25.000 or $2.5 and actually it has a great quality, YEY!!

Unbranded Big Powder Brush
cost only IDR 35.000 or $3.5
it has a soft feather and so bigggg, like it!

Unbranded Pink Eyelash Curler
cost only 18.000 IDR or $1.8


First is MUA Heaven and Earth

Then Sariayu Eyeliner in Etnika Nusa Tenggara

I already told you about how gorgeous the pattern of the pencil right?
now please take a look, and you'll fall in LOVE at first sight just like me!

see? it is pretty right? batik pattern!

Then the 3 gita's angels here...

3 angels with SUPERB pretty colours and CHEAP price!

and the last of course Sariayu eyeshadows!

So what do you think about this haul, girls?
do you think you might pick one of them?
Sukses gak yah guweh ngeracunin para cewe2 disini?
hehehe :D

any suggestions which one should I review first?
you can leave comments here!
I do love comments hehehe...

Last but not least, I just want to tell you how I LOVE Indonesian cosmetic brands
especially SARIAYU
the products are really great with super cheap price....

be proud of your very own local brands... 

Thanks for reading and I do really appreciate to read your comments

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    1. hehehe... iya nih say..
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  3. oooh, love your hauls!! the Sariayu eyeshadows look so creamy and beautiful! ^_~

    1. yes it is, so pigmented as well...
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  4. huhu..pingin MUA palettenya ><
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