Jumat, 08 Maret 2013

My 20th Birthday : what a proccess!

Last February, the 11th, 2013 was actually an unforgettable day for me!
yep because it was the day when I turn into 20
What do I felt?
Well to be honest, I feel so old..
I wish I was forever-19-years old...
ahahaha :D
silly wish

I'm kidding, of course I feel grateful! a lot!
Thank My Lord Jesus who always take care of me, 
in fact I'm very naughty and stubborn -___-

thank my parents, for always support me by love, care, 
and financial needs :p

and the last, my little sister, my boyfriend and my friends who gave me a little surprise right at 12 am!
though you guys were distracting this sleeping beauty~

this was planned by my sister and my boyfriend
my boyfriend made me mad right before I slept,
so at that time I was slept in a gloomy mood~ ahaha

but then suddenly someone knocks my door hardly,
and even harder...

I was getting even mad!
who is it? I said
No answer, but the knock was even harder
I was kinda like what the hell is that
then with heavy puffy eyes I woke up and angrily said : WHAT???

then my friend, played the guitar
and the other sang 'happy birthday song'
while Nathan, my boy, came with a little-heart-shaped-tart cake

I just did not know what to say,
I just cry

they are willing to give their rest time to come to my house and give such a special surprise for me
sweet, isn't it?
this is the best birthday ever...


me and Nathan

the birthday cake 

 Okay, that was the sweet moment, but soon after that, my friend said : 
we're hungry, what can we eat? wakakak
geez -___- that's my friend, very very truthfull

so at about 1 am I have to cook five instant noodle for them

20 years for me is a very long process that actually full of happiness, 
but on the other side, also disappointment, sadness,
but to tell the truth, I learn a lot

I think all that I've been through along this were all shaping me,
mold me, encourage me, strengthen me, 
to be a better GITA

Thanks Jesus for another one year that You had added in my life

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  2. Happy birthday :) fun banget bday nya

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    1. thankyou inge, sure! done following you :D

  3. Hbd cece :* #walau sudah SANGAT TELAT :)
    Btw ko Nathan sm cik Gita serasi bgt dan so sweet ^^
    Kapan ya giliranku bisa pacaran kayak gitu sm org lain? Muehehehhehehehe

    Nie Agnes, GKI Karangsaru...