Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Zatura Promo Discount 10%

What is most girls' best friend?
one of them is make up!

What is definite all girls' best friend?

so, now let me introduce you to Zatura Shop ^o^

it is an ONLINE SHOP located in Indonesia who sells authentic Korean make up brands such as :  ETUDE, SKINFOOD, FACESHOP, MISSHA, INNISFREE, and Holika

Their system or procedure is by Pre Order (PO)
but some of the products are available or ready stock!!

and sekarang, Zatura Shop lagi ngadain PROMO DISCOUNT 10%
starting from August 23rd, 2012 until September 5th, 2012

what are another special things from Zatura Shop?
Kenapa belanja di Zatura Shop bukan yg lain?

karena harga di Zatura Shop lebih murah dari pada yg lain
(plus sekarang lagi ngadain diskon 10%)

terbukti 100% authentic! customernya udah banyak banget yg puas termasuk saya^^

pelayanannya ramah banget :)

dan masih banyak keunggulan dibanding online shop lain....

no need to think twice ya girls...^^
langsung aja cekidot FB Zatura Shop

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