Senin, 06 Agustus 2012

Batman "The Dark Knight Rises" Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey girls...^^
so, yes, today i'm gonna post about my Batman Make Up tutorial,
inspired by : The Dark Knight Rises Movie
i'm so excited to do this tutorial since this movie is very phenomenal and popular
and everyone loves it...

indeed it's such a great movie, no, it's genius!!! >.<

so i start by drawing the Batman Logo on my eyes....
i'm using spidol liner :)

i draw it on my both sides of my eyes...
 also i'm using red lipstick to bring a sexy look.. lol :p

after that, put yellow eyeshadow color to your eyelids
and your lower corner of your eyes...
yes because Batman is identic not only with black color, but also yellow...

and this is my favorite part,
fill in the Batman logo with black eyeshadow... XD yeay!
try to make it as neat as possible...

 here is the detail of the eyes :D

 i hardly even recognizing my own face...
i look so different right?

and next is also the important part, fake eyelashes!! :P
i use the same lashes that i used in Spiderman Makeup Tutorial

and we're done..... 

 and below here, i wanna post my edited photos
i really like the result, coz it makes the "dark" even out...

do you like it??? this tutorial is good for halloween party 
or another costumes party... :P
i hope you like it ^^

i will be really happy if you give a comment.... :)

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  1. woww! niat banget ^^

    1. haha.. lagi :p
      thanks for visiting my blog...

  2. wow so dark~ hehehe xD
    nice gita~

  3. bagussssss banget...i liket it sist...

    1. waaa masak sii vhe?? *O*
      thankyouu yaaa :*

  4. nice illustration! ^^ i love your ideas on how you draw it, you really get the dark knight makeup inspired XD

    1. waaa really?? *O*
      thanks a lotttt >.<
      thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  5. woo keren2 wkwk berasa cosplay :D