Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

IBB makeup challenge : Dull to DOLL

Hey dolls!
here my post today is about makeup challenge that is held by Indonesian Beauty Blogger
with theme : dull to DOLL

I'm so excited to do this makeup transformation
since, today is the last day of the submission :D

yes sometimes (or most of the time) I am kinda last second person

never mind, let's take a look my version of this challenge, shall we?


my version of dull is an old porcellain doll,
which is not pretty, pale face and lips, sad eyes, messy hair
and cracked in some parts of her face

look how sad her face! 

with the help of magic spells and makeup,

here's she is transformed to a pretty porcelain doll :)

what do you think is her transformation?
wish me luck, dolls ^^

please leave some love for her,
she does love comments :D

2 komentar:

  1. flawess banget wajahmu sayy..hihi
    lucu pitanya..
    matanya gede bookkk..:3
    Good Luck yoo ^^

  2. matanya jadi kelihatan gede banget o.o

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