Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

Makeup Challenge : Wing n' Wink !

Hey cat lovers,
this is just a short post about makeup challenge 
with the theme Wing n' Wink
which is hosted by Endi Feng and Josephine

simply click their name to go straight forward to their blogs :)

I'm really excited about this makeup challenge,
because I love cat eyes style

but I never did my self potrait : winking -_-
I don't know
I feel weird when I did that,

anyway here's how I look ^^

Because for this challenge, winking is A MUST,
so I tried hard to do it
hopefully make a good one

To draw the wings,
I'm using Silky girl gel eyeliner in black,
it has a good brush that help me a lot to draw the perfect cat eyes precisely 
they ask the participants to polish their nails
with vivid color

I applied my Etude House HD beam nail polish GR601
which is a vibrant tosca green! 

I choose this color to match my underline which has similar color,
I'm using Silky girl fun eyelights pencil in 11 electric blue

not bad, eh?

hahahaha :D
have you done your submission?

it will be closed on May, 10th!

Wish you all (and of course myself) a good LUCK ^^

in case you wanna see other participants and how they look like,
just log in your twitter and search with hashtag

they all have done a greattt job !

2 komentar:

  1. bagus git cat eyemu..
    trus kyny bagusan poni samping giniii :D

  2. oooh, sexy cat eyes! loved it! ^_~