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(Sponsored) Review D'Eye ko False Eyelashes Princess Syahrini

 Hi girls...
As a falshies lover, I've heard about D' Eyeko False Eyelashes
D' Eyeko is a false eyelashes factory that producing hand made premium lashes, 
all of the false eyelashes are made of natural hair,
easy application, lightweight & comfortable, and sassy natural looking.

They named their products based on some famous celebrities in Indonesia,
one of the newest products are from Princess Syahrini lines

 I'm so lucky!
because one of D'Eyeko staff contacted me few weeks ago
to send me some products from Princess Syahrini lines
it has 5 different designs which is really identical to Syahrini
Surya Kencana

I got two pairs, which are Merak and Surya Kencana
but now I'm just gonna review MERAK first

As you can see,
the design of Princess Syahrini MERAK has 
THIN and SLIGHT lashes then
ended by THICK and HEAVY lashes from the middle

this unique eyelashes are match to wear with either formal or casual wear
The eyelashes come with a very nice packaging and a few amount of glue
firstly, I really like the design of MERAK
but it was very hard to put them on my eyelids
first because the length of the eyelashes are way too long in my eyes
so they are not fit my eyes perfectly

The design that I actually like,
make them even harder to fit in my eyes,
However, the thin and thick lashes make it weird,
when I put my mascara, trying to make it looks tapering, 
but it turn to be even more weird

so I put it down again, no more try to make it looks tapering
and here's how my look using Princess Syahrini MERAK

see the weird things that I mean? 

 but it hardly notice if I open my eyes, in the picture

However I love the glue inside the packaging,
it can stick the false lashes in my eyelids well

if you have big eyes, this lashes may suits you perfectly!
it is better to wear this lashes to a party or something which is need glamour make up,
this lashes DEFINITELY too much for daily use
and not natural as well
I may not recommend this to those who has a little eyes like me

But, my failure with Syahrini lashes will not let me down la! hehehe

I really want to try D' Eyeko false eyelashes from Cherrybelle's lines

 Cute right??? 
have you tried Chibi's false lashes?
let me know ^^ 

You can buy any kinds of D' Eyeko eyelashes in Matahari Dept. Store
for idr 50.000 or $5 per pair

for further information, you may check here 

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