Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Bluey Piggy Nail Art

Piggy lovers... how ya doin'?
cute pig is always identic with "pink color" right..?
but now i wanna make something different...

so i was thinking about making A BLUE PIG..
a blue pig?
how does it looks like? 

so let's find this out ! ^^

i made this for my friend, Kezia...
she loves blue color and cute stuffs...
so i guess this BLUEY PIGGY suits to her nail ;)

i also added initial "K" on her thumb nail 

The pig is very easy to shape... :)
do you think so?
you can try 

if you find it difficult just ask me and i'll make the tutorial :)
if you could do this by yourself, 
that's great!
you can show me and i would love to see ^^

and ofcourse for the polkadots are way too easy, right?
hehehe :D

so that's all about this post...
basically, i just wanna share the "idea" this time,
not the tutorial...

but once again, if you find it difficult don't hesitate to ask me for the tutorial..
i'm so happy to help you... ^^

after all, do you like this Bluey Piggy nail art?
let me know :)
please do leave comments 

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  1. Git, I give you an award Versatile Blogger Award di blog cc ^^
    di cek ya :)

    1. Thxx ce viaa :* hehehe
      Waaa thxx lo ce..will do it soon..
      My internet connection is kinda irritating me this lately.. :(

  2. tutorial dong kak~~ ^ww^ hihihih
    btw check : http://littlelittledismiss.blogspot.com/2012/07/versatile-blogger-award.html

    1. Thx for the awards marshaa ^^
      will try to do the tutorial soon yaaa :)

  3. Hi, Gita
    Cuuuteeee nail.... aww :)
    I'm looking forward for ur tutorial
    btw I nominated ur blog for versatile blogger award, please check my post:

    I knew u already receive the award from Via and I received it from Via too but I tagged u anyway he he :)

    1. Thanks dearrr.... ^^ hehe
      It's really ok... I'll try to do it soon.. Thanks^^

  4. Balasan
    1. Salam kenal juga :)
      Tp panggil kak ato ce aja yaa..hehe

  5. gita i gave u an award ^^