Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

Favorite Fashion of the year : Pink Vintage

hola, my sweet ribbons... ^^
it has been a long time that i haven't write about fashion stuffs..
so i back with something about fashion to share to you girls...
here, i wanna share about my favorite style of the year...

i have to say that this year is when i started being 'girly'
i started to wear dress instead of jeans
wear high heels instead of sandals
wear cardigans instead of jackets
wear a handbag instead of backpack :D

so here i wanna share you my choice of style
yes, this year my heart is falling for 'classy vintage style'
something that so close to : ribbon, lace, pastel colors, floral patterns, rose etc....

so let's move on to the pictures below....

floral pattern dress 
i really like to wear dress with floral pattern rather than other pattern like polkadots, square, plain, because i think it's so cute and vintage

knitted cardigans
cardigans is never ending fashion style for me, especially the knitted one
for me, they're comfortable to wear yet it's very girly
this is a must have items !

whatever the sizes are, i always love ribbon
they're always make my hair, clothes, handbag, shoes look cute!

vintage necklace
for the accesories, necklace is a must!
and for me, it should be 'simple'

semi ankle boots
i'd love this kind of shoes this lately
well i dunno the reasons,
it's just i like it.... ^^

i love bag when it's 'not simple'
so for me, a handbag which it's cute, girly, and unordinary...
will definitely buy! haha :D

simple rose earings
the other accesories that i also like is earrings
again, it must be simple...
i don't like "long earings"

another thing is : PINK
i always love pink BETTER than other colors
i've written on my older post that pink is like a trademark for me...^^

so what do you think about my fashion style?
how is your fashion style girls?
let me know yours...^^

hope you have a great day....

pictures sources : google
edited by me 

2 komentar:

  1. yes yes, i most definitely love the trends too! yay for vintage~~ and i love the soft pink of the cardigan! feminine and classy!

    i think your style is great! and good for you on your upgrade to girlyness ! :D changing up your style is always fun!

    my style changes from time to time! for example, last year i went for the j-punk look now i'm diggin the laid back L.A style ^_^

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    alex @ carouselstreet.com

    1. yay for vintage! hehehe :D
      thanks a lot Alex for visiting my blog.. :)
      i'm very happy >.<

      i agree that changing style is very fun hehe :D
      your style is also interesting too..
      maybe i can try in some occasions..

      thanks for inviting me to your anniversary giveaway..
      nice blog and awesome gift...
      definitely join.. :D