Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

Review : Duo Perfecto Aubeau Eye Makeup Base + Ranee Eyeshadow

hei beautiers!
after for almost 3 weeks i didn't write coz of holiday vacation,
now i'm back with lots of things to do
and ofcourse lots of stuffs to review...!

and here i wanna review about 2 cosmetics from local product..
the first is AUBEAU eye makeup base
this eye makeup base has been reviewed by some Indonesian beauty blogger 
and it claims that this eye base really works... but how about me? :)

and the second is Ranee Eyeshadow compact
this is my first eyeshadow when i first learn about make-up...
and i think i'm pretty convinced by this eyeshadow coz the colors are pretty!

so check this out!

the Ranee eyeshadow compact is contain of 4 gorgeous colors...
shimmering gold
shimmering ivory
shimmering white
shimmering dark brown

the colors themselves already pigmented and shown without eyeprimer or eye base
even it reduces after several hours...

what i like?

cheap! it's only 25.000 rupiahs or $2 
the colors are pretty and pigmented
shimmering :)
perfect for daily natural make-up

what i hate?

the packaging is so boring and not interesting :(

about the Aubeau eye makeup base,
it comes in a little tube with contains 10 gr
some bloggers from femaledaily.com even said that this eye base 
could be compared to urban decay primer...!
so this product, for me, is totally worth...

what i like?
cheap!!! it's only 24.000 rupiahs or $2 only
tube packaging, which is hygienic
make the eyeshadow colors really COME OUT
which means, perfect for any ocassion,
i use it for stage make-up for dance performance...
it makes the eyeshadow makeup LONG LASTING for hours!!!

what i hate?
i love this product and really recommend it!

the texture is creamy and easy to blend...

and the next is the swatches for both products...
to be honest, this 2 products are really worth to try!
i'm really happy for purchasing them...

and now let the pictures talk.. :)

without flash

with flash

will i repurchase???

for the eye makeup base : definitely YES!!!
for the eyeshadow : i dunno, coz i still have some eyeshadow that i have not touch yet :P

hope this review can help you...

6 komentar:

  1. uwaaaa..aubeau nya lumayan tuuh:D heehehe mksh kak gita reviewnya^^

    1. u're very welcome marsha.. yes this is worth to try!
      btw aq belom smpet kirim2 giveawaynya.. senin mgkn aq kirim yah.. thx

  2. aubeau buatan lokal? aku malah baru tau ada yang merk ini, bagus ya hasilnya *o*

    1. yes.. another great local product! hehehe....
      iya bagus and worth to try, cc.. :)

  3. totally gonna buy aubeau eye makeup base ^^

    1. yes!! akhirnya berhasil meracuni ce via.. :P
      hahahaha :D