Senin, 23 Juli 2012

Review : MISSHA - The Style Glam Fit Gloss PK 01

Hi Pinkylovers all over the world... :)
today i'm gonna review about a lipgloss from a korean brand, MISSHA
this is The Style Glam Fit Gloss in shade PK 01
pink colors... :)

the packaging is simple 

with the applicator like old style lip gloss...
but i actually like this kind of packaging rather than the tube one... :)

swatch on my lips : 

so what i like about this lip gloss?
the color is pretty and soft
doesn't feel sticky
smells good
taste good :p haha
pretty long lasting
not too expensive arround $6.5 
the shimmer is NOT TOO MUCH
which i love :)

i have a big lips and i don't like lip gloss that too much shimmering, glowing, and glossying..
hahahaha :D

this lip gloss is worth to try for you who has big lips like me :)

will i repurchase?

50% yes 50% no
i still like to try another brand of product :)

so what do you think?
do you think the color is pretty?
do you think it's suited to my lips?

let me know :)

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    1. thanks ce priscilla..hhehe.. :D

  2. warnanya bagus.. soft pink gmn gt :D

    1. hehehe iya Rin... :) baguss...
      thanks for visiting my blog :)

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    1. iya ce sha2.. >.<
      thanks for visiting my blog ya..