Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

Lioele Make Up Class Semarang + FOTD

Hi girliesss....^^

so today i'm excitingly share to you all about Lioele Make Up Class 
that held in my hometown, Semarang
it's located in El Blossom Cafe
jl. Kyai Saleh no. 3 Semarang

wanna know more?
check this out :D

my picture, holding Lioele's Brochure^^

and below these are the cosmetics products from Lioele Korean Cosmetics
i'm lucky to come early and could take some pictures of these... :3

powder, mask, false lashies, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lip pop tint, cheek cream blushers, etc

eye lip remover, eyeliner gel, hand cream, sleeping packs, body scrub, man bb cream....

mask, dr. ampoule, serum, cleansing foam, cleansing products...

nail polishes!!!

serum, lip glosses, concealer, powder, peeling gel, etc

eye cream, dark circle cream, shower gel, serum, etc

and the seminar was start for about 10.20 am
the MC explained about the history of the Lioele Company

So basicly Lioele is a Korean Makeup and skin care brand
it's from words : LIfe Of ELegan Ease
shorten by LIOELE

based on the 3 purposes :
that's why the logo, the products packaging ALMOST all PINK
Dollish look
Lioele products will help girls to get a dollish and flawless skin look
Beauty Remedy
not only makeup beauty, Lioele skin care also provides skincare products 
which can protect your skin from UV

Lioele promises that they will help you to look beauty by your own way...
help you to shine your personal beauty....

hahaha... so sweet :3

The meaning of Lioele Logo
the magic pumpkin shape remind us of Cinderella, right?

so it's inspired Lioele how an ordinary girl like Cinderella can be turn to a 
very beautiful lady 
and Lioele will help all girls in order to be like Cinderella...

that's why Lioele in USA named "CINDERELLA"

the make up class begun and this is the model....
a 35 year old lady...
she used an oxygen peeling 

she felt very refresh after use that peeling

 and this is my friend, Caroline
she was asked as a young model to present a Dollish look

she is so lucky >.<

and here is the result...
she looks Dollish, don't you think?
i really like the eye make up...

 I also met Sheilla....
she is also member of Indonesian Beauty Blogger :)
she told me some recommended products from Lioele.....
she is very friendly...
i was very glad, i met her... :)

narsis before going home.. :P

so far I enjoy the make up class...
but actually it was a bit boring... :P

hahahaha :D
what do you think about my appearance today?
Happy saturday, girls...
 have fun... ^^

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  1. glad you had fun there hehe. meski boring dikit ya :p
    baru nyadar deh, lambangnya lioele itu CINDERELLA PUMPKIN!!! :-O

    1. yeepp... hehehe...
      thanks for visiting my blog, ce jessie :)

  2. beli apa di sanaaaa git? ^^
    tp ga dpt voucher ya? >_<

    1. beli 3d mask aja ce.. hehe^^
      dpt vocher 20rb.. :)
      but lg not in the mood to buy makeup stuffs... hahah :D

      thanks for visiting my blog ce :)