Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

DIY : Colorful Penguin Nail Art Tutorial

Today i feel like doing some nail art...^^
and here i will share you my new creation today...

i made these for my little sister, Merry...
and she likes it....
hope you like it too...^^


here are the ingredients :

for the penguin's body :
Pokari blue
Odesa soft pink
The face shop sky blue
The face shop magenta
The face shop purple
The skin food milky milky

for the penguin's eyes :
Pokari Black and Etude House nail dot sticks

for the penguin's mouth :
Etude House petite darling nail matte in yellow

for the penguin's bow tie :
Pokari red

for the penguin's legs :
Etude House petite darling nail matte in salmon

and firstly, i just polish all the nail with these polishes....

and then cover with white nail polish to create the penguin shape....
the next step is just create the shape of eyes, mouth, bow tie, and legs.....

 tadaaa.... it's done!
it's simple and easy...
but you need to be careful...^^

hope you enjoy this tutorial, girls....
please do leave comments....^^
i will be very happy....

8 komentar:

  1. wihhh. cute banget!~
    btw I'd like to invite you to join LUVIEW COSMETICS GIVEAWAY , thank you ^^

    1. thanks cie :D wahhh cc rin visited my blog.. what an honour... thx for visit ya cc ^^

  2. lucu banget kukunya~ ^^

  3. awww, its cute!! I love it!! it makes me happy just by looking on the print.. ^_~

    1. thanks janet... >.<
      i'm so happy you like it....
      salam kenal ya.. :)