Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Photo shoots with STORY Photography

i was so addicted to photoshoot since i was in a high school...
and when i found these pictures in my lappie,
i remember that i haven't post this yet...
so i think, why not share to you girls?

despite of the good quality photo that had taken by STORY photography,
i wanna show you the make up that their crew did...
it's really awesome...^^ 

so what do you think about those pictures?
hehehe.. :P
let me know!

and STORY photography have PROMO...
single photo from June 9th until 16th 2012
get 6 photos edit
all files
simple make up

if you're interested,
don't forget to mention : gita

and contact them :)

5 komentar:

  1. You should be a model lah gita, hehe ^^
    posenya bagus2 :) thumbs up ^^

  2. aaa cie Via.. thanksss... hehehe..
    but it was when i was slim.. now i'm getting fater.. hahaha... :D also i'm not tall.. i only 150cm.. T___T
    i wish i was tall and slim.. and joined miss indonesia.. hahaha.. tambah ngayal dot com... :P

    1. Kamu gak fat lah git, termasuk sedang kog ^^
      kamu 150cm ? masa sih ?
      aaah cc gak percaya hahaha XD
      well,kamu bs jd foto model :)
      kalo miss indo musti 170cm ke atas tingginya LOL XD

  3. awww so pretty..
    dan konsep nya lucu :)

    nice pictures, you should post more FOTD :P