Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Praise and Worship Concert at GKI Karangsaru

Hi girls...
last Saturday, is the great day for me
because GKI Karangsaru, my church, held a Praise and Worship Night Concert
with the theme : Victory in Jesus
because the concert is about VICTORY, 
there are choirs, band, orchestra, and also dancers...

and I was one of the performer to dance :)

and here in my dancing costume!
so pretty, isn't it?

and what makes me very exciting is because in this concert,
i am the one who has given the oportunity
not only to dance, but also to MAKE UP all the dancers!!!


that's why i'm so excited and also nervous,
because this is the first time i do make up for other people,
and for such a great ceremonial like this concert....

so here is the make up that i did for myself....
( sadly, i didn't take closer pictures of all my dancers )

and this is me with all the dancers :)

ci Meike, me, Maria, ci Meylany, Hana, and Nana

happily, all the audience said that we did a really good performance...
and some of the aunties, they said that i did a good make up for the dancers...
i was extremely very happy till i wanna cry....
hahaha... :D

and here is me 
with some dancers, choral singers, and the orchestral players

Levin. Resa, Aldhi, and JB
they look handsome with their coat ^^

Aldhi, me, Okky, Nana, and koh Pilex :P

Rhesa, me, Aldhi, and Levin

Koh Pilex, me, and Okky

Aldhi, Nana, Rhesa, and Levin

So girls, 
i was really happy last Saturday!!!!
and i hope, so were you.... ^^

what do you think about my make up?
 don't hesitate to comment below.. :)

4 komentar:

  1. gita kamu paling cakep diantara yg cakep XD ^^
    Keep it up :) hug

    1. aaaw ciee.. you're so sweet!!!! thanksss a lott.. hug back^^

  2. tamborine kah? cakepp ^^

    1. tarian biasa aja cie.. >< hehehe... thanks a lot udah mampirrr... ^^