Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Nail Polish and hello kitty glasses haul ^^

heiya.... nail polish-lovers!
now i wanna share to you all my recent nail polish that i bought from Pre Order cosmetics store...
they are all from korean brands...
etude house, the skin food, and the face shop....

when they're coming, i was very happy!!!
because their color are pretty...
and i love them all...

but i was a lil bit shock when i bought this many.... -___-

so here, i will introduce them to you, 
one by one by their brands...

 the first are from The Skin Food lines....
nail vita tosca green
nail vita milky white
nail vita shimery pink
nail vita pearl black
nail vita base coat
nail vita top coat
pedicure vita pearly green

according to me : 

their packaging is nice and simple
contains 13ml 
the colors are very pretty and long lasting
(you only have to apply 1 layer)
only 20.000 or $2 for the nail vita and
25.000 or $2.5 for the pedicure vita

the second line is from Etude House...
petite darling nail matte blue
nail HD beam tosca green
petite darling nail matte yellow
petite darling nail matte orange

according to me : 
the packaging is cute and vintage
it contains for about 8ml
i don't really like the petite darling series because it's hard to apply 
and the result is not good
but i really like the nail HD beam one
the price is not too expensive but not too cheap
for about 30.000 rupiahs or $3

the third line is from The Face Shop
my favorite brand of nail polish!!!
teheee... :D

hot pink
gliterry and heart-y coat (hahaha :p)
sky blue

according to me :
the packaging is simple and nice
it contains (if i'm not mistaken) about 15-20ml
it such a big amount! ^^
the colors are great and nice....
(you only have to apply 1 layer)
super duper cheap!!!
only 20.000 or $2 in most online shop
or 35.000 or $3.5 in the mall counter

so do you wish to buy them too??? :p

and i also purchased a hello kitty glasses...
it's very cute right???

my FOTD 

I hope you guys enjoy this post...
much love from me! :)

10 komentar:

  1. where did you buy those nail polishes, git?

    1. well Qiela, actually i open a pre order korean cosmetics including the nail polishes.. interested,dear? hehehe.. you can contact me on 081904880555 thanks

    2. waahhh.. kamu jual apa lagi selain nail polish?
      ada web/fb page nya ga git?
      i love korean cosmetics :p

    3. ehm.. aq sih biasa jual lewat bbm sih.. hehehe... klo gak km sbutin aja pgn barang yg mana? nti aq cariin..hehe

  2. uwaaa nail polishnya ngileeer~~~ -___- huehehe :P

    1. diriku pun senang.. tapi dompetnya ga senang, marsha.. hehe.. thanks for visit.. selama setaun ga mau blanja nail polish dulu ah.. bokek bokek.. T__T

  3. kacamatanya lucu >.<
    nail polish nya dibikin swatch yaaa git ^^

    1. hehehe.. thanks cc :D
      oke cc.. segera..

  4. nail polishnya banyak banget.kaca matanya juga lucu.beli kacamata dimana?

    1. hai dien.. thanks for visiting my blog.. ^^

      kacamatanya beli di temen aq.. klo mau beli bisa contact aq juga sih.hehehe... :)