Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

Sadako Makeup Tutorial

Hi, girls! so during my holiday and i don't really busy this lately,
i want to share my first make-up tutorial,
and this time it's going to be Sadako Makeup Tutorial....

this Sadako looking will be a great idea for a halloween party, costume party,
or simply just to scary your friends...

hihihihi #devil's laughs

firstly, let me introduce you the makeup stuffs that i used :

Revlon extra moisturizing face powder in creamy peach (24)
Max Factor colour precision eyeshadow
Revlon photo ready concealer in Medium (003)
Maybelline BB cream
My baby powder
Mustika Ratu Amuspa Buketan eyeshadow (dark grey)
Max Factor kohl kajal liner

so here we go!
first, i correct all of my face problem with Revlon PhotoReady concealer in shade Medium (003)
to correct all the imperfections, blemishless, and pimples, also my dark circles...
i also applied to my lips to make it pale...

then, i applied a maybelline BB cream...
why i choose this BB cream? 
because it has a light shades rather than my other BB creams...
this will simply makes my face whiter like a sadako...
use a bit more to give effect to your face as PALE and WHITE as possible!

(it's better to apply a white cream, but i don't have one)

blended very well,
you don't want your face feel 'cakey' right?

after that, i mixed my Revlon loose powder and baby powder to give the WHITE effect
because basically, baby powder has a white texture
and then i applied to my face using my brush

the next step is draw a line on both your lower eyes to create a big eye looking
here, i'm using NYX retractable eyeliner in white color

continue by applying color precision eyeshadow by max factor, and then dark grey eyeshadow from Mustika Ratu eyeshadow Amuspa Buketan arround the outer of your eyes....
it doesn't have to be neat, it have to be a lil messy actually :p

here is the review about the eyeshadow....

the last is draw a black liner in your eyelid and on your lower eye
to create more dramatic looking

make it bold!
and you'll absolutely looks creepy.. 

so I hope you enjoy this tutorial, girls...
what do you think about this sadako looking??
let me know... leave a comment please.... :)

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    1. thankyou sayang nerisongie..wkwkwk

  2. Bagus say, tp coba itu eyeshadow itemnya lebih pekat lagi itemnya, pasti lebih bagus :)

    Oh iya, aku tag kamu di 11 random Things about me lhoo :D

    1. iya say..sayang aq ga punya eyeshadow itemm >.< hahaa... aq udah mampir..hehehe..thankss...