Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Review : Mustika Ratu eye shadow Amuspa Buketan

still about Indonesian proucts, i'm going to review about a gorgeous eyeshadow from Mustika Ratu... but before i'm reviewing... look at those picture edvertisement below...
these are the complete series of Mustika Ratu Amuspa Buketan trend warna 2012 (i wanna have all of 'em!!!)
i know this product is totally gorgeous right?? so i'm gonna tell you a slice about this product related to Indonesian traditions and culture... Batik Buketan which made by north beach of Java, Indonesia, is very famous of its flower bouquet pattern... inspired by the colors; tosca, baby pink, soft purple and gorgeous gray...
believe me or not, this is only need to pay 50.000 rupiahs.. or about $5 dollar... wow super!
the gold packaging is also elegant and very classy... who can refuse this gorgeous eyeshadow? hihihi....
so here i'm gonna show the swatches of this product... with flash
without flash
once again, i recommend indonesian products to all gorgeous indonesian girls to use our local products... we have a good quality but cheap price though.. :)

5 komentar:

  1. i love this product so much :D
    thank for review <3


  2. you're very welcome... we have to proud of our own local product! hehehe.. nice to meet you... :) hey do we have the same name? lol

  3. eh itu dalemnya isinya 4 warna eyeshadow ya? lumayan murah donk, 4 warna 50rb, jadi pengen, warna ungunya kayaknya cakep. :D

    1. iya isi 4... bagus2 smua warnanya... pastel n soft gitu..hehehe.... coba aja say.. worth to buy!

  4. Susah gak sih pakainya kalau kacanya miring gitu, hehe.. Warnanya tapi bagus2 ya.. Dan tajem. Kayanya worth to buy nih..

    Aku barusan selesai posting review produk mustika ratu baru yang bernama simply stay. Mampir yaa :D
    chalwoo <3