Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Review : Wardah Lip Palette

I am now easily fall in love with a lip colors... and recently looked for a good lip colors...
and finally i decided to buy from a local product... and for those of you who lives  outside Indonesia, you might don't know this brand, but actually they're famous in Indonesia, good product with affordable price? who can refuse? hahaha...

so back to the topic...
yes, it's Wardah Lip Palette...
Wardah has 3 different kinds of lip palette,
they are, Perfect Red , Pinky Peach , and Choco Aholic 

i bought "Pinky Peach" for me, since I love natural look...

and this is the picture of this gorgeous lip palette...
 and here is mine...

1. red coral
2. orange peachy
3. brown beige
4. chestnut
5. nude 
6. pink coral
7. hot pink
8. dark fuchsia

 according to me this lip palette is A-MUST-HAVE for you who love lip products!!!
i myself definitely loooveeee this so much...

what i love?

comes with 8 colors
the colors are very pretty and pigmented
last long
the lip brush is also OK
has a big mirror inside
very affordable, for only Rp 44.000 or about $4
the packaging is simple and chic

what i hate?

 the packaging

the swatches with flash

the swatches without flash

so, do you think you will buy one for yourself? 
let me know... :p

6 komentar:

  1. aaa.. pengen :3
    murmer yak 44 rb dapet 8 warna :D

    1. iya cha.. murce sekali.. hohoho.. warnanya juga long lasting.. very recommended deh.. :p

  2. emg g bikin kering ya?
    aku g suka wardah soalny bikin kering -_-a

    1. ga koq Monica.. aq sbelom pake lip palette, aq pake lipbalm dulu..hehehe..

  3. huaah pengen!!! beli aah yang chocoaholic cantik <3

    1. aku malah blom prnh liat yg chocoaholic ce.. hehehe... thankyouu for dropping by ><