Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Review : NYX Retractable Eye liner

Good afternoon girls... have your coffee break yet? i have.. :P
so today i'm gonna review one of my favorite product...
it's from NYX...
according to me, NYX products are mostly affordable, but their quality is very good...
and ladies, please welcome :

i have two colors here : brown and white

but instead of the two colors that i have,
there are many other shades that NYX provided...
it comes with 18 gorgeous colors... *o*

so let's just continue to the review and swatches, shall we?? :)

start from the packaging, 
i think this eyeliner quiet simple and slim
it's easy to carry on everywhere
plus it has a cap which can cover the pencil

move to the pencil,
it has a soft creamy texture and very easy to apply
once you swatch it, it will glides on smoothly
it can help me shape my eyes perfectly...

I really recommend this for those of you who still learn to apply eyeliner
this is a lot easier than use eyeliner in form of gel or liquid one

because it's in form of pencil and it's creamy,
it delivers intense pigmentation while it moisturizes...
even it's not waterproof (sadly to say)

but it can stay for almost a day

and surely, it's great to make your eyes pop or just for casual day out

i always use the brown eyeliner one to go to the campus
for a casual look :)
 (for me, brown is more natural than black)

and for the white eyeliner one, i use to apply it on my lower eyes,
to give a bigger effect to my eyes and create a dolly look...
ahaha :D

how much is it??
it depends on the shop who sell it,
i use to order NYX products on the online shop
and those have differents range of price
more or less it's from 50.000 - 75.000 rupiahs
or $5 - $7
so pretty affordable right??
but there are some NYX counter in Jakarta I guess
(but ofcourse different price too)

so for those of you who needs an easy-to-apply-eyeliner,
you should give this NYX retractable eyeliner a TRY... ^^

2 komentar:

  1. yg 50rb dimana siiis...hahaha
    aku baca2 dimana2, katanya daya tahannya oke pisan..<3
    tp rata2 jualnya 70rb gituu

    1. kalo aku ikutan PO di Tokomakeup.com say