Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

my first giveaway

hey girls... emm maybe i'm new here... but i really want to share some of my beauty stuffs to you... because last sunday 6 May 2012 i think one of my happiest day... :) one thing that makes me happy is that at that day, 188 pageviewers visited my blog :) my simple blog... maybe it's an ordinary thing for you who has been blogging since long time ago... but for me, it's really make me happy... so i'd like to share some of my stuffs to you girls...
3 natural honey body lotion (moisture rich, whitening, and antioxidant) for 3 lucky people
1 tender care vanilla for 1 lucky people
1 oriflame grapefruit soap for 1 lucky people
1 satto soap for 1 lucky people
1 rolanjona mask for 1 lucky people

so i have 7 gift for all you girls who follow my rules... 
 Rules :
You must follow my blog first... 
 you have to promote my giveaway in your blog so that everyone could see and follow my blog as well... 
One person get one gift...
This giveaway is open for indonesian blogger only...
you have to post your name, age, city origin, and your blog URL...
Giveaway will end at the end of may 2012...

Good luck girls! If you have any questions, you can just simply ask here... Thanks!

9 komentar:

  1. name : marsha dellaneira barin
    age : 13
    city : bogor
    blog : http://littlelittledismiss.blogspot.com

    done follow your email and promoted your giveaway ^^

    1. URL : http://littlelittledismiss.blogspot.com/2012/05/gita-first-give-away.html

    2. thanks marsha... good luck!

  2. name: Nila Kussriani
    age: 18
    city origin: Depok, West Java
    blog post: http://lanilaa.blogspot.com/p/gitas-first-giveaway.html

    thankyou :)

    1. hi nila.. have u post my giveaway on your blog? if u have, please give me the link so i can check it... thanks!

  3. name: nita
    Age: 18
    Blog post: http://mynamedinda.blogspot.com/2012/05/gita-first-giveaway.html

    Thanks :)

    1. thanks nita :D good luck!

    2. email: qonita2308@yahoo.com

  4. name: kamila
    Age: 16
    Blog post: http://mimil-mila.blogspot.com/2012/05/gita-first-giveaway.html

    Thank you :)