Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

Review : Maybelline angelfit blush

hei girlies.... hahaha, again because i can't sleep... i'm looking for something that i can do... i look for my makeup desk, and woo hoo.. i'm gonna review one of my favorite blush on...
yes, this is from maybelline, the name is Angelfit blush... really pretty right? look at the packaging...

 these are the colors shade : 
Strawberry, Peachy Sweetie, Creamy Cinnamon, Watermelon, Coral Orange, Velvet Apricot
mine is peachy sweetie :p

 so according to me, this blush on is really pretty!!!
i love the packaging, simple, chic, and cute...
 look at my angelfit blush on... very pretty right? i love this so much
 this blush is also a great deal... only about 60.000 rupiahs or $6 only...

and these are some of my photos using angelfit blush on
(i hope you can see the gorgeous peach color on my cheeks lol)

 the blush is pigmented and can last long
it really suits for all skin colors, especially asian girl like me
 it has a shimmering effect,
makes my face glow naturally... 
super love!!!
this is what i love from most maybelline products...
affordable price but with a good quality....
that is what "anak kos" (like me) needed!
hahaha :D

so there is nothing that i hate from this product...
and absolutely i'm going to repurchase for another shades...

12 komentar:

  1. warnanya natural ya? bagus :D

    1. iya natural.. cocok buat semua warna kulit asia, nila :P

  2. looks soft and pretty on ur skin :) hey i love your apples nails! adorable :)

    1. thanks... you have to try it too :p
      well the nail apple is inspired from bubby...
      i really like her.. she is a great beauty guru...

  3. aku juga suka banget nih blush yang ini, tapi sayang isinya sedikit yaa

    1. emm kalo menurutku malah packagenya praktis buat dibawa2, dan lagi gak habis2 tuh punyaku... lagian blush on ga butuh bnyk2 sih.. :p punya km warna apa, julie?? <3 hehehe

  4. Balasan
    1. you have to try it ceecile :P

    2. hey all please join my very first giveaway... :3

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