Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Cristanath's first giveaway!

hi girls....
cristanath is holding her first giveaway lhoo...
if you are interested to join just click here...
it's sponsored by DoLoveYield :D
DoLoveYield is an online store based in Jakarta which selling many kind of Circle Lens, T-shirt and accessories. They're still new tho, but they really have a great deal! :D

This giveaway is open for Indonesia citizen only :)

There will be THREE winners, and the prize for each winner is:

* Circle Lens + Animal Case ( you are FREE to choose except: Summer Doll, Aimu, Mibuki )
* Kpop T-shirt from Ocean Seven ( option: SHINee or SNSD )
* Cute Necklace ( option : crown or cross )

Good Luck! ^^

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