Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Local Products Haul

Hei girls... this afternoon, after i read some articles and review from some beauty bloggers in Indonesia, i just simply ride my car and go to the nearest cosmetics store...

and here are what i got...
Wardah Olive Soft Scrub
Pixy blush on (orange salmon )
Pixy eye shadow ( romantic poem )
Wardah lip palette (peachy pink) 

for Wardah lip palette,
i have read some reviews about it and really want to give it a try...
and it's very amazing...
i love this lip palette...
read the review here

Pixy eyeshadow ( romantic poem )
i fall in love when i try the sample and swatched it on my hand...
it's very beautiful colors...
will do the review soon...

Pixy blush on ( orange salmon )
i really want to try an orange blush on...
so i definitely fall in love with this!
will do the review soon...

also there are so many review about this Wardah olive scrub...
i don't want to pass it...
so, will do the review soon...!

so girls, have you try all things that i bought??
what do you think??

5 komentar:

  1. aku punya yg pixy blush on >.< quite powdery huhu..
    nice haul ^^


    1. iya vee, powdery... tp warnanya cakep yah...
      worth banget dengan harga 25rb an..

      punya km juga orange salmon kah?

  2. haiii..ternyata barang2 yg kamu beli aku juga ada :D
    utk pixy blush on nya aku pake yg passion rose,,dan itu bagus banget gak powdery lho..
    pixy eyeshadow nya aku pake yg nuansa broze..*lupa nama seri nya*
    but I really love it !
    lip palette wardah juga aku punya yg chocoaholic,,bagus2 warnanya :D

    1. haii miya... hehehe...
      iyaa memang bagus2 yahhh... <3 them all!
      yg orange salmon ini agak powdery.. tp no problem krn murce juga.. >,<

      ihhh eyeshadow pixy nya itu bikin mupeng smua..warnanya bagus2.. tp alhasil jatuh ke yg nuansa pink..hehe..

      lip palette miya ada juga?? hahaha... will visit your blog..hehehe :D

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