Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

Review : Relian Mascara Pink

aloha.. today i'm gonna review my lovely mascara...
yes it's Relian Mascara Pink...
i love these mascara so much and it's becoming my favorite mascara for now.. :p

a friend of mine, recommend this mascara to me, she loves this mascara so much...
and i think that, why not give it a try?

so here's this awesome mascara... 
according to me, the pink box is very pretty ^^
 what do you think about the packaging?
gorgeous right? <3
 it contains of 2 bottle 
1 is the mascara ( the color is black )
and the other one is fiber...
(this is the key why your lashes will be long and pretty)
this is the mascara 
 and this is the fiber

how to use it?

first, you have to put the mascara as usual to your eyelashes
then, you put the fiber after the mascara
(you can feel the fiber makes your lashes longer and thicker) wohoo~
and the last one,
you put the mascara again
(you can use the relian mascara like the first one, or you may use your other mascara as finishing)

here is the result on my eyelashes :

well maybe it's not clear enough, since it's so hard to capture the eyelashes...
but surely, this is very recommended....
i supa dupa love these duo mascara...
i think it's a perfect combination...

without eyelashes curler or fake eyelashes,
you can get longer and thicker eyelashes...

perfect for you who don't have much time to makeup :p lol
and this is also waterproof!!!

will i repurchase? YEABSOLUTELY ^^

o yeah, since this product is come with gorgeous packaging,
it's perfect for gift...
i also sometimes give this beautiful mascara
for my friends for birthday gift or any gift..
and they love it... yay!

if you're interested, 
you can buy this HERE

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