Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

DIY : cute bunny nails tutorial

morning girls... i wanna share my nail arts this week... it's a cute bunny with pink background.. well actually this is inspired with my bunny plushies that i have share with you... it's so easy to make and you don't need nail dot pen or any hard-to-find nail art tools... this is what you need to create cute bunnies on your nails... pink nail polish, white nail polish, nail dot pen (black), acetone, and cottons (if made mistakes)
here i'm using : OPI nail polish pink, pokari nail polish white, etude code B nail dot pen
first, cover your nails with pink nail polish like this!
second, cover a half of your nail with white nail polish...
third, draw bunny ears with white nail polish like on the picture... use the nail polish brush slowly and carefully... dot dot dot
then, draw super cute bunny face!!
don't forget to 'dot' pink blushes... sweet !
tadaaaa...! it's pretty easy to do actually... i hope you like it... good luck...

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