Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Review : the face shop pucca powder blush

hi everyone... today I'm gonna review about the face shop powder blush in PUCCA series... if we see the packaging here, indeed it's so cute right?
when first i got the product, it's extremely small and looks cheap... the brush is looks awful too...
about the amount itself... i was kinda like : oh my God... with the price 125.000 or about $12 i only got a small ammount of powder ball.... i can even count them... more or less for about 20 pcs... some of them are broken...
i want to post my photo while use this product but i think it will be useless... because it can not appear and doesn't give any effect... just a very little bit shimmer... dafuq! i hate this so much... akwkakakaka :D i don't recommend this to anyone...

3 komentar:

  1. ternyata cuma packagingnya aja ya yg cantik :(

    1. iya nila.. isinya dikit banget.. dipake juga ga keliatan apa2... mendingan sariayu shimmering powder deh... hahaha :D thanks anyway nila, for visiting my blog...

  2. beli dimana sis? aku malah kepengen beli :(